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Comment Re:Don't Talk Back! (Score 1) 90

Just installed 16.04 after a few years away from desktop linux .. Holy crap Unity is bad.. Not like only usability bad but broken. Coming out of sleep apps will be frozen, switching apps will often time maximize windows, running more than one screen will often, coming out of sleep, make the main display scroll with the extent of the secondary display (different wakeup times) and much more.. If ANYTHING should be bug free it should be the very foundation that other apps run it, the userinterface and its just so effen broken.. I will give mate a shot, if thats the same, i dont know what to do.. If I have to fix everything myself anyway I am going BSD.

Comment Re:Well, anything at the moment is better than Win (Score 1) 133

"Complete BS."
- Complete Ignant.The rebirth of "Windows as a service" is "a service of ads".. It is an advertisement platform, and to serve ads today competetively with google, facebook amazon and apple you are gonna need BIG DATA..... Where and how do you think that BIG DATA is conceived?


Comment Re:It's a bit difficult (Score 1) 69

As a young lad I imagined that telepathy could work by transmitting information by EMF. That is the natrium kalium ions carrying the charge when a neuron fires would as a whole emit a EM pattern that another neural construct could be uniquly capable of picking up (say twins), thus replicating the thought pattern remotly. Forgive me, it was a young boy daydreaming, however the thought comes to bear again reading your post. At what point would an EMF meter be of high enough resolution to pick up activites at the local neuron area? Sounds a lot better to me to be 'remotly' picking up the patterns rather than an invasive procedure with knives and sticks.

Comment Re:Intel's trolling us (Score 1) 337

Why -1 this guy? They're idiots .. They're so late to the BIG DATA party that the dance is almost over, legislations google is facing ala http://www.consumerwatchdog.or... Is true for ms(with win10) or apple as well. The whole business model of windows10, big-data-ads up your arse is a dying concept. When has ms NOT been late to the party? Kind of their catch frase "late to the party" is it not.

Comment Re:Candidate Obama (Score 2) 169

you guys, we guys, are fighting a war... and your suggestion is to go full-bureaucratic on your own ass? Everybody knows you never do a full bureaucratic on your own ass. Specially in times of war. Wanna count the daisies? Maybe Putin will join you on the field of forever peace love and eternal cannabis. God damned hippies.

Comment Re:I guess that means ... (Score 0) 340

So, lets boil it down, in essense for the game of holdem, a game of incomplete information, they have shown than holdem fits in the space of P = NP ? Yea if that was the case then *that* would have been the headline. I did a little poker robotting with a coworker some years back and instead of monte-carly'ing the probability matrices we right out permutated them all so it would be a simple table lookup instead of a costly approximation each time. Data was big, many many gigs. In any event there is so much else going on, besides the numbers, at a pokertable, that unless you pair it with playerhistory, datamining and some AI your "robot" will only ever be successfull on lowstake tables.

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