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Comment Re:work less (Score 1) 723

Hardly that simple.
In a society where there is not enough work for everyone where most tasks is automated you could
1. Accumulate all wealth at the top of megacorporations and let the unemployed scum die of starvation or
2. Distribute the wealth, make education at all ages free and targeted science, give additional wealth for those who choose to persue sustainable sciences, robotics, programming, math and psycics, social studies.
There would also need to be a controlled program for birthing, cant flood the populus with uneducated stupid redo a Trump disaster.

Comment Re:I spent $5 at the theater (Score 1) 341

Because other ppl at the movies suck? Wrappers, chitchat, going to take a piss, feet up on the row you are sitting (you still feel that 10 seats down). Cause people suck, I always regret it and for the BIG titles I always way till later. I did an exception lately with dead pool, and sure enough 100 drooling marvel fans who cant keep their cocks in their pants. wtf.

Comment Re:frist post! walrus semen and ape labia for dess (Score 1) 93

"Shijian-17, which is designed to test electric-propulsion technology" is the real news here is it not? As recently revealed, rumors of professor Yangs retirement has been greatly exaggerated (the chinese professors lab that validated emdrive thrust claims). This could very well be an emdrive prototype.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 1042

I think I can put forth a thought experiment that proves, approximating true going to infinity, that this simulation hypo is a falsum.
Train of thought is this.
1. If this might is a simulation, there might be simulations above us, just as we might create a simulation "below us"
- Allready here, the concept of compound interest of "might" is heading this into the ground fast.
2. To simulate a reality you need a calculator of equal size realtiy+something(or energy as pr. e=mc2)
So for the many 'simulations' idea, you are heading into the ground fast from an entropy perspective alone if you accept the idea that there is a finite amount of energy in the univers.

Point being if you are a Billionaire and subscribing to over-unity devices there is much better use for your $$'ers in ie. Em-Drives than simulations-simulations.

-Just saying.

Comment Re:Conspiracy theory time! (Score 1) 266

Who stands to gain from SpaceX failures? Who stands to gain from this specific failure? With the amount of money involved to assume corruption is not involved is very naive, this is a fact of who we are, there IS forces involved both ways i am sure. For those about to gain it is either on Musks own hands or someone tipped the scale. Now given the cat, the isotope and all that.. Put in on top of what we know about humans and loads of money what does that equal? It equals that EVERY time one of these things blow up you better investigate through and through that no faulplay was involved. And have countermeasures in place as well.

Comment Re:Don't Talk Back! (Score 1) 92

Just installed 16.04 after a few years away from desktop linux .. Holy crap Unity is bad.. Not like only usability bad but broken. Coming out of sleep apps will be frozen, switching apps will often time maximize windows, running more than one screen will often, coming out of sleep, make the main display scroll with the extent of the secondary display (different wakeup times) and much more.. If ANYTHING should be bug free it should be the very foundation that other apps run it, the userinterface and its just so effen broken.. I will give mate a shot, if thats the same, i dont know what to do.. If I have to fix everything myself anyway I am going BSD.

Comment Re:Well, anything at the moment is better than Win (Score 1) 133

"Complete BS."
- Complete Ignant.The rebirth of "Windows as a service" is "a service of ads".. It is an advertisement platform, and to serve ads today competetively with google, facebook amazon and apple you are gonna need BIG DATA..... Where and how do you think that BIG DATA is conceived?


Comment Re:It's a bit difficult (Score 1) 69

As a young lad I imagined that telepathy could work by transmitting information by EMF. That is the natrium kalium ions carrying the charge when a neuron fires would as a whole emit a EM pattern that another neural construct could be uniquly capable of picking up (say twins), thus replicating the thought pattern remotly. Forgive me, it was a young boy daydreaming, however the thought comes to bear again reading your post. At what point would an EMF meter be of high enough resolution to pick up activites at the local neuron area? Sounds a lot better to me to be 'remotly' picking up the patterns rather than an invasive procedure with knives and sticks.

Comment Re:Intel's trolling us (Score 1) 337

Why -1 this guy? They're idiots .. They're so late to the BIG DATA party that the dance is almost over, legislations google is facing ala http://www.consumerwatchdog.or... Is true for ms(with win10) or apple as well. The whole business model of windows10, big-data-ads up your arse is a dying concept. When has ms NOT been late to the party? Kind of their catch frase "late to the party" is it not.

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