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Journal cyranoVR's Journal: Go Me 14

I won another fencing competition today...earned my A05 rating (probably first awarded this year) and - more importantly - a 1 Liter bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch.

Finally this sport nets me something practical.

[Yes, we hold a competition on New Years Day. It's an old, bizarre local tradition].

Anyway, then I came home and slept for about 5 hours...had another episode of my recurring anxiety dream. In the dream, I'm back in college. It's one week until finals, and I realize I signed up for a course (usually Calculus or History) and forgot to go to a single class...or do any of the reading...or most importantly drop out of the class before the drop/add deadline. So now I'm screwed, trying to figure out how I'm going to do a full semester's of studying in 48 hours.

The dream always ends the same way: I wake up in a cold sweat, saying to myself manically "I graduated...I graduated!" and vowing never to go back to school ever again. Ever.

The funny thing is: when I tell MrsVR about this recuring dream, she invariably replies: "Huh? That was my reality."

(And yet she managed a GPA only slightly lower than mine! Grrrrrr....)

Of course, my friends on The Left blah blah etc. :->

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Go Me

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  • What friends? You have no friends on the Left, comrade.:)
  • Gotta go with MrsVR on this one.

    I actually did something uncomfortably close to that. I had an 8:00 AM symbolic logic class that I stopped going to for a period of several weeks. (Long story.) Eventually I got to thinking there must be a mid-term coming up soon, so maybe I should go to class and see what chapters we were going to be tested on. So I went to class the next day.

    Much to my chagrin, it turned out the mid-term was that very morning. I swear the prof had a steely glint in his eye as he handed me
    • Similar thing happened to me in a statistics class.
      • Oddly enough, this never happened to me in any class. I was a *model* student.

        *Only once* did I oversleep a class - my 9:10 AM 19th Century Philosophy class, Senior year. Of course, I missed a few classes due to fencing trips, but those doesn't really count because they were planned.

        However, I knew a lot of people that "never" went to class except for midterms and finals. How they hell did they do it?!
        • I'd say through college I probably attended about 35-40% of all of my classes. The real kicker is I didn't by a book or notebook after freshman year.

          I'm not saying I had a great GPA, but I did get my degree in Computer Science.
  • Now CVR is stealing my dreams!

    I haven't had this one (actually a variation on this theme, but mine goes back to some High School class) in a while. Maybe it has leapt across the wire and infected you. If so, you can keep it.
    • I think just about everyone has the "showed up for test that I didn't study for" dream. Something about the twisted nature of our edu-ma-cational system, I suppose. My father had the dream, I had the dream, my kids will have it, etc. etc.

      It would be funny to find the journal entry of some 18th-century scholar: "I had the most peculiar dream last night..." I'm sure it's out there somewhere.

      An important detail of my dream: in it, I always I know that I signed up for the course. Most of the anxiety comes f

  • The world is blowing up, and I'm shrinking, but not to the usual siwe, no I'm shrinking to the tiniest particle in the universe (must be my interest in physics playing here), and then even smaller.. stress is building up so fast, pressure is building up on everything, and I'm going to epxlode. This goes on for a few mopments, and right when everything is going to snap in a big supernova kind of way, there is nothing.. peace.. silence.. white.. suddenly I'm everywhere.. I'm the world. I'm as far and wide a
  • ...and it's also recurring. Usually I have to go back to school because somehow my diplomas are invalid. Usually it's even highschool, not college.

    I don't know what it means, I only know that tomorrow I *will* go back to highschool.

  • Dang you and your A05. It must have been a 15-person competition with another A, two Bs, etc, because that's the most reliable way to earn it so easily. =P
    • It must have been a 15-person competition with another A, two Bs, etc,

      Hah you wish. Actually, it's one of the most grueling local tournaments: format is a giant round-robin of everyone vs. everyone. There were 38 entries and my record was 34-2(!) (there was one withdrawal). Yeah, yeah - some of the absolute best fencers in the division *did* skip out, but I still earned it. So there. >:P
  • I get exactly the same dreams, and it's 10 years this year since I graduated. This year just gone, the dreams have started to change a bit though. After a while, during the dream, I realise that I've already graduated and that I don't need to sit any more exams, and then I wake up. They're very unpleasant dreams while they're happening, though. Usually I don't pay attention in class for a split second and miss out some vital piece of information, which I never find out. Or, I lose my timetable and don't kno

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