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Comment People Skills (Score 1) 541

Well number 1 is "people skills" - now I'm assuming that you have them already but you need to identify + reflect on your strengths & weaknesses in this area. I strongly recommend Emotional Intelligence + Working with Emotional Intelligence - this is 2 books in 1 - the 2nd having case studies & examples. Remember you can't be what you are not but you need to gain a little more insight into yourself in order to be on top of others.

On the intellectual side ? Move away from "perfect" solutions- begin to live with having to make optimal, even sub optimal decisions to keep things moving. Remember often having 80% of something today is more important than having 100% next week. Learn to live with being "wrong".

Oh yeah, also when your developers give you a work estimate: multiply it by 2.5 ;-)
Wireless Networking

Submission + - T-Mobile: Wi-Fi networks to handle phone calls (nytimes.com)

cyberianpan writes: The New York Times has an interesting feature on T-Mobile's plans to release a regular phone that also switches to Wi-Fi. This announcement got lost in the blizzard of iPhone hype last week. These phones hand off your calls from Wi-Fi network to cell network seamlessly and automatically, without a single crackle or pop to punctuate the switch. Oddly if you start a call on Wi-Fi and then say drive & move to cellular the call remains free ! This phone is just $10 extra per month- quite a brave move as it will potentially reduce many bills by way more. This seems to be the genuine revolution in mobile phone industry ?
The Internet

Submission + - Web hosting review (0effect.org)

cyberianpan writes: This website is running an intriguing test. They purchased entry level web hosting accounts from 9 major companies. They are now promoting the website on reddit,digg etc to see what companies can cope with demand as they claim all hosting companies lie & will cut you off before you exceed quote. A page from all 9 hosters is loaded each time you visit. With this /. story TFA is the story, the observer changes the results. How long until the poorly performing companies realise what's going on ?

Submission + - Man sues Gateway because he can't read EULA

Scoopy writes: California resident Dennis Sheehan took Gateway to small claims court after he reportedly received a defective computer and little technical support from the PC manufacturer. Gateway responded with their own lawyer and a 2-inch thick stack of legal docs, and claimed that Sheehan violated the EULA, which requires that users give up their right to sue and settle these cases in private arbitration. Sheehan responded that he never read the EULA, which pops up when the user first starts the computer, because the graphics were scrambled — precisely the problem he had complained to tech support in the first place. A judge sided with Sheehan on May 24 and the case will proceed to small claims court.

A lawyer is quoted as saying that Sheehan, a high school dropout who is arguing his own case, is in for a world of hurt: 'This poor guy now faces daunting reality of having to litigate this on appeal against Gateway...By winning, he's lost.'

Submission + - Project estimation & planning: Art or Science?

cyberianpan writes: I've been working some time now in various roles on "IT projects". Some managers seem to buy into the idea that project plans are totally true & not in fact guestimate forecasts. Some developer team leads will handup their sizing estimations with a level of certainty attached as though they were science.

I notice that Google doesn't require detailed project plans, instead monitoring progress at short intervals. In the business world something between a waterfall (eg Prince) or Agile (eg DSDM) is used. However surveys indicate that more than 50% of all projects are considered failures.

Of course at least a clear high level scope can be agreed as concrete but beyond this I'm not sure what can be achieved. Obviously for cost & release schedule reasons some form of planning needs to be done but how real is it? Art or Science ? What's been your experience ?
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple want to ban iGasms

cyberianpan writes: The UK News of the World reports that UK high street adult retailer Ann Summers has come up with a new product, the iGasm- it connects to any music player & reproduces the music as a sensual vibratory experience to bring a female to orgasm. Apple are threatening legal action claiming the ad poster image rips off iPod advertising. Have Apple finally succeeded in patenting the letter i ?

Submission + - Why Doesn't Microsoft Have A Cult Religion?

rs232 writes: "'Apple has one. So does the Java community, Oracle, IBM, and Google. Lord knows anyone who uses Linux or free and open source software is dedicated to spreading the gospel of St. Linus Torvalds and St. Richard Stallman. But does anyone really worship the Gods of Redmond?'

http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/ 2007/05/why_doesnt_micr.html"

Submission + - Google to be our Web anti virus protector ?

cyberianpan writes: For some time we've noticed warning on Google searches that "this site may harm your computer" when Google has tagged the site as containing malware. Now Google is further publicising the level of infection in a paper titled: The Ghost In The Browser. Google are now promising to "identify all web pages on the internet that could be malicious"- Google with its powerful crawling abilities & data centres is best positioned to do this. This is potentially a very useful service but not all URLs we visit are from Google searches, some we still type in, others as links from pages. However could we soon expect a Firefox add in that will filter all http requests through Google ? So then our new overlords will indeed know everything about our web-habits ?

Submission + - Microsoft to take over Yahoo! ?

cyberianpan writes: The New York Post is writing that Microsoft has made a formal approach to take over Yahoo! Redmond is working with Goldman Sachs & a price tag of $50 billion is being suggested. This would represent a huge move by Microsoft, its largest acquisition & an acknowledgement that they missed out on the internet ?
The Internet

Submission + - Virtual rape is traumatic but is it a crime ?

cyberianpan writes: Wired is carrying commentary on the story that Brussels police have begun an investigation into a citizen's allegations of rape — in Second Life. For reasons of civil liberty & clarity we'd like to confine criminal law to physical offences rather than thought crimes but already threats , menace & conspiracy count as crimes. Could we see a situation where our laws extend ? What if people started signing contracts that made Second Life criminal law "real" ?

Submission + - Google relaunches IG for social networking ?

cyberianpan writes: The recently troubled Google Homepage is to be rebranded as iGoogle. Feature enhancements will include being able to make your own gadgets including picture albums,youtueb videos , daily plan etc. Interestingly your gadgets will be shared with "your community" being your gmail contacts. This smells like MySpace -is this Google's first serious step into social networking space ?
The Internet

Journal Journal: Ohio University blocks P2P File sharing 425

After receiving the highest number of notices from the RIAA about P2P file sharing, Ohio University has announced a policy that restricts all file sharing on the campus network. Some file-sharing programs that could trigger action are Ares, Azureus, BitTorrent, BitLord, KaZaA, LimeWire, Shareaza and uTorrent. Claiming that this effort is "to ensure that every student,

Submission + - Unsolicited telemarketing calls from abroad

Chet writes: "Today, for the umpeenth time, I received at my home phone an unsolicited telemarketing call. This time, it was from Dish Network. They were selling me their satellite TV, I presume. The guy calling had an Indian accent (I'm of Indian origin, and I can tell), identified himself as working for Dish Network, in Seattle, WA, and refused to connect me with his supervisor. Of course, calling Dish Network's customer service did not yield me a phone number for either their corporate switchboard, or their legal department. Heck, I couldn't get to a supervisor there, either. I'm on the Federal Do-Not-Call list. And yet, I get lots of these calls, on behalf of lots of US-based companies, and always with details similar to above. I'm sure I'm not alone, and I wonder whether these companies are breaking the law, or have merely found a loophole. Certainly, it's awful behaviour. Anybody else out there experiencing this? Anybody know what to -do- about it?"

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