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Journal Journal: Albertan Yearning

Thick raindrops pelted the freshly green grass, the temperature barely warm enough to keep the rain from turning to snow. A few hundred meters away, a sheer mountain rose up towards the gray clouds, proudly crowned with freshly driven snow. But the entire valley was brilliantly green, a stark contrast to the mountain's white snow, and untouched by the worries of humankind. Here and there bunches of yellow and purple-blue flowers clung to the rocky sub-alpine landscape, shivering in the cold m

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Journal Journal: Alea iacta est.

Wish me the best of luck tomorrow morning. I'll need it.

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Journal Journal: High Fantasy

I finished book twelve of The Wheel of Time, the first book written after Robert Jordan's death. It's written by Brandon Sanderson, a young, up-and-coming fantasy author. The million dollar question that everyone is asking is, "was the book any good without Mr. Jordan writing the book"?

The answer is yes. Book twelve is in contention as perhaps one of the best in the series. But, with that being said, there is one glaring, very annoying flaw:

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Journal Journal: The Witching Hour

It's the year 2071, or somethin' like that. Nobody really keeps track anymore. It's amazing how what was once important becomes irrelevant when every day is a fight for survival. I pick up the shotgun laying on the dusty office desk and make my way through the facility. The throaty hum of 60hz is loud enough to make my ears ring, but that's just fine by me. My work here is done.

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Journal Journal: Meanwhile, back in the 1990's...

Land of Devastation
By: Thomas Matthews

Before I had the chance to attack, the Giant Newt leapt at my arm with its teeth gnashing. I tried to dodge, but the beast took a small chunk out of my arm. I threw it off me and pulled out my ElectroBlade. With one swipe, I cut the Newt into two pieces.

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Journal Journal: Reading Between the Lines

November 19th, 1987. Vegreville, Alberta.

I'm sitting in the basement, watching the title screen of "The Castles of Doctor Creep" on my Commodore 64. The game itself is good, but I'm more interested in listening to the music playing along to the title screen. The SID chip continues to play its rendition of Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 5. I'm completely mesmerized. I don't know it, but this is my first exposure to classical music - through a computer. I won't know the title of the tu

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Journal Journal: Repairs

The server that runs RRX has been in the need of some repairs, lately. One of the drives in the RAID6 array failed, both CPU's were hitting their temperature thresholds way too early, and the kernel needed to be patched to fix the sendpage() vulnerability, among a few other things.

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Journal Journal: Hikes '09

So, having conquered the breadth of Liechtenstein (all 10km of it) by hiking, I decided to do the same to a somewhat larger country: Great Britain.

Hadrian's Wall was built around Emperor Hadrian's time, and demarcated the northern boundary of the Roman Empire. The wall spans about 134km from Britain's eastern seaboard to the west, and is still largely intact through most of the route. This plays very well to my fascination with borders and interesting hikes in general.

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Journal Journal: Video Game Economics

An article on VGPG showed that the value for Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker" game on the Genesis rose from $15.00 to $200.00 in a matter of hours. Moonwalker is rated "3" on the Digital Press rarity scale, which in human terms means "somewhat uncommon but not hard to find." The value has since started to trickle back down.

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Journal Journal: Lessons Learned

So, Stephen and I decided to go to the top of Grande Mountain in Grande Cache for amateur radio Field Day. I figured, since HF performance was so great in the town itself, it *must* be great atop a mountain that almost doubles in elevation from the town site itself. More sky coverage, less RF interference.

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