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Comment Re:SAT is not a brute force loop (Score 5, Interesting) 189

Yeah, I'm familiar with SAT solvers and the fact that they aren't REALLY full brute force; I oversimplified it a bit for the Slashdot crowd. Might have gone a little too far on the "lies to children" scale, mea culpa.

My point was that anyone with high school level math experience can understand the basic problem of boolean satisfiability; I was trying to draw a distinction between problems that are beyond human comprehension and those that are merely beyond human time and ability, with huge SAT instances falling into the latter category. Shouldn't have glossed over the details quite as badly as I did.

Comment Re:Recurring fee gap between flip phone and iPhone (Score 1) 298

For example, dumbphone plans on Virgin Mobile (a Sprint MVNO) start at $5 per month

Virgin Mobile's $5 plan seems to be gone. The cheapest payLo plan I see is $20/mo.

Ting is one of the better Sprint MVNO choices for light users and especially families of light users; they have a $6/line/month charge and buckets based on usage. You can share buckets on multiple lines on the same account, bring your own devices (subject to restrictions), and there are no surcharges for smartphones. They also have voice and text (but not data) roaming to VZW, unlike the Sprint-owned VM USA and Boost.

Comment Re:Incremental updates? (Score 1) 50

You really don't need to wipe and reinstall as often as they say you do. I recently upgraded from CM7 to a CM9 kang without wiping anything except cache and only had to reinstall a few apps. (That said, sometimes you'll end up with a non-working mess and will have to wipe anyway...but it's very rarely necessary for point release or nightly upgrades.)

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