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Comment Because cybercriminals cheat (Score 1) 128

If the marketing experts used the same tactics (disguising their emails as linked-in requests) they could compete with the cybercriminals.

Some things about this article smell. The author is a director of the company whose research the article cites. And what about the claim that "a dating website was hacked and approximately 10% of the passwords were âoelove1234â"

That seems like a lot! (Unless there were only 10 accounts....)

Comment No it doesn't (Score 2) 202

It's just a proposal, not a requirement.

Even Joshua Lewis, inventor of the new system believes the traditional valuations can make the game more exciting.

"You're really lucky if you pick an X because it's over-valued and unlucky if you pick a V. So if they were to re-do the values of the tiles that would reduce the level of luck.

"That might be desirable in tournaments but it might not be as good in casual play where you want the less skilled players to have a shot periodically at beating the more highly skilled players."

Source: The "British Media"

Comment Stick with what's familiar (Score 1) 663

I think it's a pity if FOSS desktops really feel the need to compete with Microsoft and Apple. Those companies need to keep "innovating" in order to drive sales of their latest products -- something that FOSS is unhindered by.

Instead of bounding towards some super-slick desktop nirvana, more emphasis should be given to settling on a familiar and stable working environment.

People are adaptable and they can be extremely productive using systems with which they have grown familiar.

The qwerty keyboard is nothing like the perfect layout, but it is familiar. Imagine if every time you upgraded your PC you were forced to learn the latest "ergonomic" keyboard layout. It may be progress, but I'm happy with what I've got thanks.

The same goes for desktop environments.

Comment Zero (Score 3, Informative) 380

Here in Britain the only photo ID I have is my driving licence and my passport, and I never carry either, to avoid losing them.

The only time I was pulled over by the police I was given a "producer" - 24 hrs to show my licence at a police station; my passport is only for going on holiday.

I suppose that's why government talk of ID cards causes such debate over here.

Comment Re:Facebook is evil and parasitic (Score 1) 138

Just like the network called the Internet, there is no reason why online social networks need a central hub. Peer to peer social networks exist, as a concept at least.

I imagine that if the popularity of social networking had been foreseen by the developers of the nascent Internet, discussion of "whoever is the biggest" social network would be as ridiculous as asking who is the biggest Email network, or the biggest WWW network.

My hope is that one day there won't be a "biggest" social network, there will be only one.

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