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Comment In Italy the service is still active... (Score 1) 171

...but it costs 1.90 euro for each call . My smartphone has of course an app for the clock, but curiosly the time transmitted by the telecom provider is often out of sync with the ntp server I access through the same provider, using their data service.
My old wristwatch is however my preferred source for time information, followed by a few sundials I come across during my in rural Italy has some benefits, isn't it ?!?

Comment emule (Score 5, Funny) 229

I make a tar file of the data, encrypt it with AES-1024, rename the file with some fancy pr0n-related name and a .avi extension, then I share it on emule. The connected p2p clients take care of backing up my archive, and the archive remains available for months before somebody discovers that it isn't a movie...

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