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Comment Ham radio license stats are also interesting. (Score 2) 78

Amateur radio licenses vs. population. Apart Japan (where aged people represent most of the population - ham radio is mostly a hobby for old people), France, Germany, Italy and other industrialized countries show a negligible interest into ham radio. Together with the results described in TFA, one could argue that wasting time into social media isn't a good way to be productive.

Comment They probably fooled more than one AI system... (Score 0) 237

There is this statement in the linked work by Nguyen et al: "Our paper was identified as the 63rd most talked about scientific paper worldwide in 2015 (source: alt metrics). It was also selected for Oral presentation at CVPR (3% acceptance rate) and received a Community Top Paper award. ".

Results about the paper metric seem to have been automatically generated by some AI software. I wonder if they fooled this as well...

Comment I know what it will happen.... (Score 2) 36

User1: Hi, my phone is low on battery, can I charge it from your ?

User2: Sure, you are welcome!

User1: Thanks, it is full charged now.

User2: Uhm, now my phone is low on charge. Can I charge it from yours ?

User1: Sure, you are welcome!

User1: Uhm, now my phone is dead low on battery. Can I charge it from yours ?

User2: Nope, also mine is dead.

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