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Comment Not used here (Score 2) 271

I don't use IoT, and I will never will. No need to share with external world room temperatures, door status or garden humidity. Electromechanical devices are enough for this, they are much cheaper, and are free from the risk of being tampered from an indian hacker.
I still have to understand why people need to control everything from their smartphone, when there are simpler solutions that require much less of your precious free time to be implemented and used.

Comment Is it worth of it ?!? (Score 2) 98

I was considering that, after all, they earned (ahem...) up to now "only" 86,400 USD. To do this probably more than one people was involved, so halving as a mininmum the income for each person taking part to the dirty work. Since by doing this these people demonstrated some good programming and organizing skills, why didn't they put their skills for good use working as a consultant or starting a software company ? I know, you have to deal with IRS, balances, maybe PHBs, and all the bureaucracy that affects good companies. On the other side, if you get caught your work is rapidly destroyed, and if identified you get a fine, maybe some jail or probation time, and you are known forever as a bad guy. Is it really worth of it ?

Comment I know what it will happen... (Score 5, Funny) 178

"Your fridge cannot recognize the ice cream you installed. (R)eboot fridge or (M)elt the ice cream ?"

"Your fridge is 99% full. You can make more space with the Fridge Cleanup Tool. Proceeed ? (Y/N)"

and at the very end:

"I am sorry Dave, you should not eat this."
"Open the fridge door, HAL!"

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