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Comment While they are busy... (Score 1) 33

...to try to deliver internet connectivity everywhere someday, could we please have back BBC World Service on shortwaves also in countries that are supposed to be connected, but actually aren't ? I travel extensively all along Europe, and having a *working* mobile internet connection fast enough for web radio listening is still a nightmare, and usually it costs you an arm and a leg, especially if you surpass your monthly data cap. I had shortwave radio on my car, and I could receive BBC without problems during my travels, but they turned it off, since "there is internet, who cares of shortwaves"....sigh!

Comment Maybe not. (Score 1) 19

There are some problems to solve before. Frankly speaking, while people are busy connecting developing countries to internet, I meet more and more people who are dissatisfied of internet, and have plans to spend less and less for internet access. Maybe it is better to focus on the quality of what it is delivered, rather than how to deliver it.

Submission + - Another Samsung smartphone explodes.

ctrl-alt-canc writes: According to a CTV news agency report, a man from Winnipeg (Canada) was badly injuried while driving by the explosion of a Samsung Galaxy 7. The man suffered some second degree burns to his hands. Samsung Canada said that "Customer safety remains our highest priority and we remain committed to working with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product". The Samsung Galaxy 7 is one of the smartphones that were offered as a replacement for defective Samsung Galaxy Notes 7.

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