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Comment Re:Sources of Support (Score 1) 742

Mind you, he's wrong about that. If Hillary is elected, she can pardon herself quite legally, and there is ZERO chance of the Senate impeaching her.

The Senate doesn't impeach anyone. The House does. The Senate holds a trial to determine if the impeachment has merit and if it does it removes the offender from office.

Comment Re:Simple question (Score 1, Informative) 150

It also paves the way for solar satellites to harvest solar power and send it to non-polluting power stations on Earth, which can provide far more energy than is available from fossil fuels or fusion, and far more safely than fission.

Uh, solar power is simply redirected fusion. That is, after all, how the sun works.

Comment There's clickbait and there's CLICKBAIT. (Score 1) 50

Thiis isn't going to stop the clickbait headlines. This will however stop the article structure of having one sentence of content or a picture surrounded by 100 ads on the page with a tiny next page button hidden among a bunch of links to other sites. Frankly, I wish Facebook would simply block sites that structure their pages that way.

Comment Re:Were they collecting this data before? (Score 1) 50


99.99% of the time such data is only used in aggregate. There's just too much of it to act on it on a per individual basis. When it does get acted on that way, it's scary, and laws of what is and isn't allowed need to catch up to reality. Nothing you submit to Facebook is private - nothing. Operate under that assumption at all times.

Comment Re:Why not Raspberry Pi? (Score 1) 157

Why not RPi?

This BBC report says why:

Mr Richards has previously taught classes using another British low-cost computer - the Raspberry Pi - but says he believes the Micro Bit is better suited for younger age groups.

"It's been designed at a lower level that allows children to understand more quickly the concepts that you are trying to get across," he explained.

"With the Raspberry Pi there are a lot of things that don't make immediate sense. So, I think the Micro Bit will make a great stepping stone that engages younger children before they want to do more serious projects that would require something like the Pi."

That's what a teacher who's been using both devices thinks. Sounds fair to me. Micro:Bit as a gateway drug to the harder stuff, leading the kids of today into doing hardcore Linux in the future.

Comment Re:Free? (Score 1) 157

and probably not even £145 richer - when you think that Google makes $70bn in advertising revenue per year, and that the advertisers have to find the money to hand over to Google to show their adverts, you'll be paying far more than than in increased costs for products. And have to watch the damn adverts too.

The BBC has its faults, typically left-wing liberals trying to set the agenda, but that doesn't mean all of it is rubbish or needs to be thrown away.

Comment Re:Morons Just Don't Understand (Score 1) 741

If Trump fails too, who knows who they'll vote for next time.

probably independence, or at least some states might start to consider that route. it only takes a couple of politicians to think "I could be king" and a heap of disaffected citizens to think "can't get any worse" to kick the ball rolling,

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 1) 741

indeed. Nowadays I read the Guardian (in the UK, its a paper who will happily tell us how many migrants we need to be compassionate over and bend over backwards to accommodate because they're fleeing war and horror and they're all so desperate and good for the economy) and Breitbart (who tell us of gang rapes by said migrants who we accommodated) in order to get some semblance of the truth - hopefully balancing the left and right to get something in the middle.

You should vote though - do not be one of the lazy "who cares" non-voters. Go down there and put "none of these fuckwits" on the ballot paper, just to show you care enough to take the effort. Bonus marks for drawing a picture of a Hillary taking Trump's cock on the ballot too (or vice versa!)

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