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Comment My Firefox extensions (Score 1) 195

Hope this helps someone:

Adblock Plus - self explanatory
BetterPrivacy - unknown Cookie control including flash cookies
Case Changer - occasionally useful when I accidentally leave the caps lock key on for a few sentence.
Classic Theme Restorer - Makes Firefox like it used to be
Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus - makes blocking web annoyances much easier
Extended Copy Menu (fix version) - Adds copy as plain text
Flashblock - I prefer to manually enable Flash when I want to use it
Forecastfox (fix version) - this is a FANTASTIC weather program if you use the addon status bar at the bottom of the browser
FoxReplace - I visit some web forums where people use very offensive racist language. This replaces words that offend me.
FoxyProxy Standard - I use a few proxies from time to time and this makes it easier to set
iMacros for Firefox - nice automatic webpage scripting
Lazarus: Form Recovery - life saver if you type long screeds in a form and something goes wrong
MyWords - maintains a database of common phrases I use
NoScript - self explanatory
NoSquint - increases fonts on a few sites that I have trouble with
Open With - lets me easily load a page in Chrome when it is misbehaving in Firefo
Print pages to PDF - self explanatory
Quora Share - Makes Quora pages open without logging in
Rehost Image - lets me rehost an image to imgur with one click
Restartless Restart - Restarts Firefox with a single menu click
RightToClick - Stops javascript from stealing keystrokes or preventing menu items like Save Image As. Useful on js intensive sites I use often like yahoo mail
Screengrab (fix version) - screenshots of long forum discussions
Self-Destructing Cookies - awesome cookie lifetime manager
Stylish - allows me to redesign certain sites I use a lot to use smaller fonts, less white space
Tab Mix Plus - tab customization
User Agent Switcher - privacy or masquerading as googlebot (useful on

Comment A complete ban, or just less than .5g/serving? (Score 2) 851

Right now, a serving of food can contain .4g of transfats per serving and legally list "0g transfats" on the label.

Does the FDA regulation still allow this, or will partially hydrogenated oils of ANY amount be banned?

It will be interesting to see what coffee creamers like CoffeeMate will do, since they use a tiny 1 teaspoon serving size and are something like 50% trans fats so they can easily say "0 trans fats" on the label. Most people use something like a tablespoon and end up with a gram of a half of the transfats in their coffee.

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