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Comment Re:Not all megabytes cost the same (Score 1) 205

Eh, when you deal with the PHY layer (its a cell network) packets get a bit more confusing. They typically have to interleave pilot symbols (split up packets) into the data in order to demodulate with a better error rate and they tend to keep packets short in order to fast resource allocation amongst multiple users. Short packets help to keep the latency down. How TCP does things ignores how all the lower MAC/PHY (optical networks, cellular, microwave, etc) layers shuffle bits around. tl;dr wireless comm is complicated.

Comment Qt is pretty simple.... (Score 2, Interesting) 135

Developing for Qt is pretty straight forward. . . . in two or three days of playing around with Qt creator I was able to setup simple UI's that are not very symbianish (bizillion sub menus) at all for symbian^3. There are a bucket load of examples on Qts website/forums and the community is pretty helpful. As IDEs goes, its pretty good. Anyways, most of the developers for android and iPhone are trash (I expect the same for Qt at some point). They are just mediocre programmers (most phone apps are trivial) getting on the next big wave. This sort of business and market do not attract high quality engineers as its not really interesting.

Submission + - Germany tries to outlaw IT security analysis (

r1ot writes: "First, german lower house of parliament waved through new laws (202c StGB) semi-outlawing computer security tools — now the Federal Council accepted these laws, too. One last step, the signature of germans Federal President Horst Köhler, is necessary to outlaw most of traditional pentesting and IT security analysis. Hackers, enjoy! German hacker group Phenoelit reacted by pulling down their (in germany now illegal) german website. The largest european hackergroup CCC (Chaos Computer Club) is protesting with a nice picture.
English Translation of image text:
By change of law (202c StGB), the Lower House of German Parliament converted the internet into a nice and safe meadow. Because there are no more security problems, we don't have need for security tools any more.

Should you perceive security fluctuations, rest assured, these are hallucinations. More information can be obtained from the federal law ministry."

The Internet

Submission + - eBay vs Google vs Amazon all out war pending (

BenelliShooter writes: "eBay LIVE was held last week in Boston, Google planned a Boston Tea Party type event that offended eBay causing them to pull their entire Google AdWords spending (over $1MM per day) and divert it for 'testing' elsewhere. Like an intimidated schoolyard nerd Google canceled the party but the money isn't coming back. As any good geek would Google got their revenge cold by reducing or removing eBay's vital organic search results. Stay tuned to see who loves who the least in this mash-up gone awry. Google is not the only target of eBay's savvy moves of late... Amazon's bottom line is next. Having seen what 'Third Party Sales' did for Amazon's profit sheet the last few quarters, eBay management has now decided to nourish eBay Store's. eBay sellers, especially store owners are a sales hungry mob of third party sellers the likes of which Amazon cannot draw upon. With proper traffic management and attention to the stores that excel, eBay Stores will win the day for eBay and deprive Amazon of 'Third Party Sales' this fall. Wall Street will take notice soon enough, but as a programmer living full-time off my eBay Store (TECKWAVE) I'm liking it right now!"

Submission + - Nationalizing Education is Dangerous (

An anonymous reader writes: 'Fat people, smokers and soon drinkers deserve less health care because they bring their problems on themselves. In short, they deserve it. This is a perfectly logical perspective, and if I were in charge of everybodys health care, I would probably resort to similar logic.'

What would happen if we used similar logic to nationalized education? Would schools in predominantly black areas receive less funding because those areas tend to be socio-economically disadvantaged and thus worse performing in school? According to the logic of rationing, this would make perfect sense.


Submission + - Subversion is pointles - Linus said (

An anonymous reader writes: A few weeks ago Linus Torvalds gave a speech at Google, talking about Source Code Management and GIT. Despite of the big number of Subversion developers hired by G$ (some of them were even present at the speech) Linus made really strong assertion: "Subversion has been the most pointless project ever started". But Linus folk didn't stop there he continued with really "nice" sentences like:

- "Subversion used to say CVS done right: with that slogan there is nowhere you can go. There is no way to do cvs right"

- "If you like using cvs, you should be in some kind of mental institution or somewhere else"

- "Get rid of perforce, it is sad, but it is so, so true"

He just talked wonders about his great version control system (GIT), which he said he "wrote in a couple of weeks". Well, I believe it is true: we wrote it in two weeks, and it only took two years to make it usable for the rest of the world... But it seems Linus was all about strong opinions that day: "not everybody can write something right the first time, just me".

Well, if you want to watch Linus being more rude than ever, find the whole story here

The Internet

Submission + - Teen gets bizarre popularity, lewd comments on Net

Anonymous writes: Internet and law is not always fair. An 18 year-old Allison Stokke never post inappropriate photos of herself on the Internet, yet gets bizarre popularity and lewd comments, all because of one misleading photo. Hundreds of message boards and chat forums users have posted sexual fantasies. Some of the comments are pretty crude. Unwanted attention is out of control. Legally, probably nothing can be done unless someone steps further over the line," said Allan Stokke, father of Allison, a prominent Orange County defense attorney. Experts in 1st Amendment and Internet law also say the family has little control over where or how photos of Stokke are used, even those taken of her when she was a minor. The photographer can sue but Allison Stokke can't. All of it is unfair to Stokke.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Kazhaks Ask for Presidential Tech Advice

ryutin writes: "Kazhakstan is preparing for a presidential webcast on June 7.

The #1 question on the mind of Kazhak's to ask President Nursultan Nabarbayev: "How does one patch KDE under FreeBSD?" I guess the Beastie rules in Kazhakstan.

The #2 question is "when the authorities will start chopping off civil servants' tongues for lying to the president in the most outrageous way?" Perhaps Borat is at work here. For the love of humanity, I hope so..."

Submission + - AMD Releases Detailed Phenom Die Photo

Spinnerbait writes: A few weeks ago, AMD released information on new branding for their desktop derivatives of the Barcelona core, now dubbed the Phenom FX, X4 and X2. If you're unfamiliar with Phenom, the processors will be based on AMD's K10 architecture and will feature a faster on-die memory controller, support 64-bit and 128-bit SSE operations, and they'll be outfitted with 2MB of on-chip L2 cache (512KB dedicated per core) in addition to 2MB of shared L3 cache. Today,instead of revealing some more of the juicy details regarding those enhancements, AMD just sent over a tasty photo of a Phenom die. Click the image to the left for a high-res version

Submission + - Google Street View and "No Photography" Lo (

thesandbender writes: "Google Street View is sure to upset a number of law enforcement agencies. Because of the "Terrorist Threat" photographing most tunnels and several bridges in and around New York City is strictly forbidden. Apparently Google didn't see the signs or forget to turn off their cameras. The site has entire photographs of all the major tunnels and bridges around New York. What other "sensitive" information does Google Street View reveal?"

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