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Comment Re:That's great news! (Score 4, Insightful) 517

I ran into this in college all of the time. During arguments people would assume that because I was white I couldn't understand what it meant to immigrate to the US and would say all sorts of asinine things to me. Then I would call them prejudiced for thinking that a white person couldn't have those experiences, since I immigrated and had to adapt to a new culture and learn a new language. People seemed totally dumbfounded that white people could be immigrants too!

Comment Re:It's the Dick Chaney Playbook (Score 2) 534

Well, I am someone who normally voted conservative. I voted for Obama specifically because I did not like the Executive Branch power grabs of the Bush administration.

Basically, I believed the Obama's bullshit about an open government and I've never felt so duped.

I learned my lesson though, I will never vote for a republican or democrat again. They are both assmunches.

Comment Neutrality is required for last mile competition (Score 1) 270

As a consumer I pay for a certain amount of bandwidth. How do I make a choice if I only get that bandwidth when I use certain services and the rules are so complex that I can't figure out when I am not getting what I paid for because the provider sucks, or because I have the wrong one for the services I want.

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