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Submission + - Why can programmers be religious about languages?

mojuba writes: A blog post on some psychological aspects of programming language addiction/religiousness. The author suggests that "... A programming language along with its ecosystem can be a comfortable "ideological" niche we can stick to and defend in order to balance some subconscious struggle. It may be inferiorities or inabilities, inferiority of the technology itself or justification of the job security the technology provides.". A more detailed breakdown of possible factors follows.

Submission + - The Era of Black Boxes (blogspot.com)

cronie writes: An interesting blog post on the importance of open-source software and the "View Source" function; a curious KGB wiretapping story as a bonus.

> ... The creators of many, if not all modern operating systems and programming languages — the core technologies that is — still belong to the "old school" generation who grew up in the world of inherently open-source stuff. They are still there, creating and improving the hardcore low-level technologies. The new generation has proven itself to be good at creating web services and it is obvious now why that is: because they were able to see and (partly) reverse-engineer web sites they liked. But not operating systems or microprocessors.

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Journal Journal: Shit Lemma

Shit Lemma. The only thing that you'd really want to hide from others is your own shit.
Corollary: if something's confidential, it's shit.

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