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Comment Re: It's my house though (Score 2) 116

What I've found interesting is that the industry that will do just about anything for the right price overwhelmingly has an exception by most of its practitioners -- no black men under any circumstances.

By that I'm referring to the oldest industry. And yes, even black prostitutes very often have this rule. However many will make exceptions so long as when they speak to the john on the phone, his voice timber/accent doesn't sound black, as that person typically hasn't been exposed to black culture, which is the main problem in their eyes, and not the skin color.

Here's the most important part:

The strongest proof of this I can offer you is that while most white girls can be persuaded to see a black client if he is well-spoken and/or lives in an affluent neighborhood or stays in an expensive hotel, many black escorts will not see a black man under any circumstances; in the words of Tina (a simply gorgeous black girl who was Flavor of the Month for quite a while), “They’re too cheap, too rough and too full of themselves.”

Obviously, this isn’t true of all black men; I had several black regulars over the years (including a salesman who saw me about once a week for quite a while), and the only complaint I ever had about any of them was that one poor guy tried so hard to make himself agreeable to me that his skin always smelled and tasted like soap! But what about the rest of them? I’m afraid I have to agree with Tina; the majority do tend to be exactly as she described, and I think the reason they are that way has to do with their subculture. For reasons others are more qualified to analyze than I, the typical male role model for young black men is exaggeratedly masculine, physical rather than intellectual and tends toward violence; he is a sports star, a “gangsta” or a “bad-ass” action hero. And one doesn’t need to be a sociologist to recognize that this self-inflicted stereotype is related to a deep current of misogyny in the black community;

That's pretty much all that needs to be said. Unfortunately, if you try to talk openly about this, you're instantly labeled a racist, which is pretty much THE word to use these days if you want to shut somebody up, especially if that person is white, because once that accusation is thrown at somebody, it's basically impossible to prove otherwise.

Comment Re: Let me see if I understand this... (Score 1) 292

Walmart and other retailers pressing prices lower and lower, story after story of how this pressure is a race to the bottom when it comes to quality and jobs... are Walmarts sales really hurting?

Except stores like walmart pay more and offer more opportunities for growth than the mom and pop shops that they tend to replace:

TL;DR version of it:

- Mom and pop stores typically only pay minimum wage and rarely dole out pay increases.
- Mom and pop stores rarely ever issue promotions, except to family members.

Comment Re:Brave New World (Score 1) 188

We often try to make dystopian worlds in science fiction novels into some sort of prediction of the world of the future.

Right, even though most are either fantasies or explorations of human nature in general - in this case what would we do if we wanted everything as safe and stable and shallowly 'happy' as possible, with immense power over the minds of other people?

The Brave New World universe runs completely counter to what is happening now.

Even if we believed that this exact society was possible, we haven't had the prerequisite events.

A robot is a lot easier to build and fix, and elevator attendents who orgasm when they get to the rooof still have to be paid somehow.

But that's not the point, either of the elevator operator, or of the Fordists in general. They want a 'happy' population, and a guy who's thrilled by his job is exactly that. Getting rid of him might give you pointless efficiency, but reduces overall happiness. And sure you have to 'pay' him in food/shelter/etc, but what would you do with it if you didn't spend it on him? Give it to someone else (who already has enough food)? Put him in another job (you already have them all filled)?

Comment Re: So move to Chicago. (Score 1) 269

No, but you can certainly go lower than 120. The theoretical minimum from Honolulu to Los Angeles over fiber is 19ms. Honolulu to Chicago is 32ms.

So long as your path is direct enough and the equipment is fast enough, you could easily put that in the 40ms-60ms range, which is more than acceptable for almost all gaming scenarios.

Comment Re:Brave New World (Score 1) 188

It's hard to have a smug sense of superiority over an automatic elevator.

One of the themes of the book was that people already had too much free time - kids were deliberately brainwashed into being more wasteful so that other people had a purpose. And what would efficiency gain you? Money?

Comment Re:Do we really need more people? (Score 5, Insightful) 188

In most wealthy countries, kids are a liability because you have to feed, clothe, and shelter them without them delivering any kind of return on investment. In poor countries they tend to be an asset because they end up being extra farm hands, laborers, etc.

Having kids in western countries is thus a luxury, whereas in places like Africa it's a necessity.

Comment Re: Lots of children have the wrong DNA. (Score 1) 267

I just don't think I would feel aroused while being attacked, even by someone I was attracted to. I think I would probably feel frightened and humiliated.

And that's the point, you would feel frightened, you would feel humiliated, you would not feel aroused - but you can still be made to have an erection. Physical stimulation alone (and no, not just through the back door), without any 'enjoyment' on your part, is enough.

I have been verbally abused by my partner though, and received (comparatively minor, and more veiled) threats. And though I am physically attracted to my partner, I certainly haven't been aroused in these situations.

But I'm presuming that she didn't have her hand down your pants in an effort to get you hard.

That said, I guess the whole rape aspect is perhaps kind of besides the point, and lying about contraception may be a more common way of achieving the same goal.

Yep, but everything else we've pretty much aligned on. So, whether you reply or not, thanks for the conversation.

Comment Re: Lots of children have the wrong DNA. (Score 1) 267

Since you've been so kind as to offer so much free advice, here's some from me to you:

You've got to do a better job trolling. This is so pathetically obvious that it's depressing to watch you struggle. I understand that life can be very lonely, but you have to find a healthier way to fill the void. :(

Best of luck,

Your only friend,


Comment Re: Lots of children have the wrong DNA. (Score 1) 267

It is just as common as men raping women.

I do realize that with saner definitions that almost all the 'gendered' crimes turn out to be surprisingly even-handed or tend to victimize men. But even with that, worrying that a given woman will suddenly 'turn on you' is just as silly as assuming that men or blacks are out to get you.

Basically, I was worried that listing things like that makes it seem like I won't even speak to women lest they call the cops on me.

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