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Comment Re:This again? (Score 2) 249

I'm not a programming expert at all, and in fact whenever I need to automate something, the best I can do is write something in bash or make something GUI driven in powershell.

But, it's my understanding that Assembly is psuedocode that translates more directly into machine code than say C. Unless you want to argue that CPU architectures directly interpret words like PUSH, INT, CALL, JMP, etc, then why wouldn't assembly be considered a programming language in the same vein as anything else?

Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 381

The cat woman is irrelevant. Can't get that through your head, can you? Whether she has a mental condition or not makes no difference.

Yup, and while you're at it, also totally disregard my point about you not having any idea why (from a medical standpoint) Manning chose to get a sex change that makes you sure that he deserves to get free surgery while in prison. And yes, that is the heart of the issue, which you keep dodging, in addition to the simple fact that US prisons don't provide cosmetic surgeries. Let's also disregard that when somebody has these kinds of surgeries, the cavity they create, absent of routine maintenance, tries to heal up like the wound that it is by all medical definitions of the term.

you refuse to call Chelsea Manning by her legal name.

I don't call my sister by her legal name either, and people rarely call me by my legal name. I'm not sure what you're getting at?

That's the same excuse rednecks use to keep calling black people - "That's how I first knew them."

I haven't heard any rednecks use that word in recent memory. In fact I hear it the most from black people. Rednecks are kind of fun to hang out with though, except for when they watch nascar which bores the fuck out of me.

Big shit. There are plenty of people who are left-handed, but right eye dominant. Like me. I don't consider that a problem.

Probably because you sit at a computer all day. I try to get outdoors though, and it does somewhat negatively impact my ability to do skeet shooting. Same with my chronic kidney disease, which is responsible for my anemia. Speak of which, I've had three people who I've known for less than 5 months offer to donate a kidney to me when the time comes that I need it, without me even asking. When I ask why, they say I come off as a really nice guy. But I kind of doubt anybody would do the same for you, because you're kind of a dick, to be honest. In fact, these same people would probably stop hanging out with you once they found you forcing your morality on them.

As for the presumption of you being a man, women generally don't have much of a problem with transsexuals. It's a "guy" thing. Studies have shown in court that the men who most strongly resist anything outside the male sex/female sex divide are, deep down, repressed gays. Like you. You doth protest too much.

My girlfriend was telling me that she liked how thick my beard was, but that she was also into long hair and that while she was cool with mine being short and thin (I've shaved my head to almost nothing since I was 16 years old) she's more attracted to longer hair, but she's about 8 years older than me and was a teenager in the 80's whereas I was born in 1982. Somehow that got me into one of my typical "sciency" moments where I talked about how testosterone actually causes most males to lose their hair, and ones with thicker hair tend to have thinner beards due to producing less of it. I then drove the point home by mentioning, very matter of factly and without any bias, how female to male trans grow a beard by injecting testosterone. You know what her reaction was? "Oh that's gross."

Oh and look at that? I trashed two of your arguments in one stone. Also if I hated gays, I probably wouldn't have paid to see James Rhandi's documentary, which I knew well before seeing it that it had a strong pro-gay-marriage message. The only gays I get annoyed with are the ultra femmy ones, (think Richard Simmons) but even other gays get annoyed with them so I don't think that makes me somehow hateful or bigoted.

So, keep on being like the racists who insist on calling black people names

Yep, obviously I'm a racist because I dare to utter the name "Bradley Manning", herp derp.

You see, your opinion doesn't matter - you can tell it to the judge, you'll still lose, just like they did. The only exception the next time is I'm going to collect my $20k moral damages, just like others have done, instead of just a public apology. Time for bigots like you to pay up or shut up.

Aww are you threatening me? How quaint. Well first, let me point out that you 100%, without a doubt, meet the dictionary definition of a bigot:

If you disagree, then explain to me, how exactly are you not a bigot? And how exactly am I a bigot? I have not one time demonstrated any kind of intolerance.

Second, I dare you to sue me; go ahead, subpoena slashdot for my IP address and then subpoena my ISP for my name. Third, you're something of an Evil Mr Rogers and a PC nazi: You push your morality on to everybody else like you're the only one that matters. But that's kind of natural, because you are by definition, a bigot, just like every other kind of nazi. You probably also don't have any friends for the same reason.

Comment Re: I wouldn't have (Score 1) 80

Especially given how we shed two digits from the year to save memory, I kinda doubt having quadruple the number of bytes in an IP address would fly.

Still though, it occurs to me that the first internet protocol implementation could have even longer address space than ipv6 without mandating (at the time) unfathomable memory needs. Why did they change that?

Comment Re: Ask Slashdot (Score 3, Insightful) 166

I personally don't like to use voice assistants, mainly for privacy reasons. And no, I don't particularly care if Google or Apple knows what I'm searching for. Rather, I don't particularly like when people I'm sitting near know what my immediate intentions are. I'm not doing anything nefarious, I just like keeping my personal business personal, which is much easier with Swype.

Comment Re:That is huge.. (Score 1) 120

I kind of doubt that the Israeli government was involved in a company whose main customers are common internet trolls that want to (for a fee) knock video game streamers offline for 5 minutes to cause them to lose an arena match in world of warcraft. Seriously, that's the biggest revenue driver for a company like vDOS.

The fact that it was located in Israel is likely coincidence, more than anything. It wouldn't surprise me if a collection people who offer these "booter" services didn't like the thought that somebody could possibly expose them, which is bad for their business, and they simply retaliated. Perhaps to send a message of "leave us alone"? Who knows. People have done worse to krebs for exposing illegal activity, like mailing drugs to his address and then reporting him to police, or SWATing him. Oh, and did I mention, these are also tactics that trolls have used against world of warcraft streamers?

The fact that you're turning this into a big government conspiracy just because of the fact that it's in Israel is possibly anti-semetic however, as I doubt you'd make a similar claim if the company operated in Nicuragua for example.

Comment Re:Well, that's a start. (Score 1) 94

1. Really surprised that all violence against civilians isn't recorded, whether necessary or otherwise.

I don't think that it isn't recorded, rather I think this is more of a tool to make statistical gathering/reporting easier. Everything the police do that involves some kind of formal report is recorded somewhere in excruciating detail, but in the absence of something like this, I doubt there's any kind of detailed statistical gathering.

By excruciating, what I mean is this: I did a police ride along once, and everything that involves some kind of citation, no matter how small, invariably requires a solid minimum of 30 minutes worth of sitting at a computer and typing, detailing literally everything that the cop did, saw, heard, etc. The cop I did my ride along with didn't even like to give out speeding tickets because it's that much of a pain in the ass. In fact, we got called to help out some girl who drove the left side of her truck on top of a median and flattened both of her left tires, and I was in one of the two cars that responded. She technically broke the law, (I don't recall which one) but they weren't going to write a ticket. However she indicated that she wanted to make an insurance claim, and so the cops told her that if she wanted to make one they'd have to issue a citation, which would include points on her driver's license and a fine. Otherwise she could fix her tires on her own dime. She of course opted for the later, thus saving the cops involved a lot of paperwork (and time) so that they could respond to other calls.

And from my observation in all of this, the only time cops tend to issue citations for minor infractions is when they have a quota that they need to fill for promotion or other purposes (ticket quotas are banned in my state, by the way, except in Indian reservation where I've literally been issued a citation for going 2mph instead of a COMPLETE stop for a stop sign, aka a rolling stop) or if the cop has a chip on his shoulder and just wants to be a dick, or if they notice you doing something blatantly unsafe (like driving unreasonably faster or slower than the rest of traffic -- I drive 80mph all the time where the freeway is 65, and cops I've driven past never care because that's practically the same speed everybody else drives.)

Anyways, what I'm getting at, is that if there's violence or other injury caused by a cop, 99.999% chance there's a formal (and likely very detailed) report.

Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 2) 281

Because the other universities and colleges are "not for profit", i.e. government run so off the hook. They know how to play the crony games with the politicians and bureaucrats.

Even though many are grade inflating diploma mills who graduate students with worthless degrees and lots of debt as well.

Regardless of whether or not a college is for profit, there are a lot of really stupid people out there who don't belong in college at all but go anyways because there's this overall mantra that "you must go to college". Contrary to popular belief, college is NOT for everybody.

I can't tell you how many people I've met that get either completely worthless degrees (i.e. being a history major) or degrees that are legit but are in professions that are over-saturated (i.e. law degrees.) You can get these degrees at what are otherwise good state universities, and, it's not the university's fault if you fail to make a successful career out of it, even though you were (in a sense) doomed to failure before you even took your first class. However we should probably stop sending the message that college is for everybody, lest these people go deep into debt for no good reason at all, and worse, since there's a lot of them, they put upward pressure on tuition costs that make it more expensive for those who should be going to college.

And on that note, I think student loans are a really dumb idea, no matter what college you're going to or what degree you're getting (unless you want to be a doctor, which most med school students I've spoken to said it's just not worth it and if they had to start over again, they'd have done something else.) Furthermore I have almost no sympathy at all for anybody who has a huge amount of student loan debt. Why? Well, if college costs you so much that you have to borrow, you're probably doing it wrong. Community college is dirt cheap, so you should be taking advantage of that for as long as you can.

I personally spent about $14,000 on college, with 75% of my bachelor's degree credits coming from community college, (my graduate's degree is from Northern Arizona University) and two years after graduating I'm already within the top 30% of income earners in the Phoenix area.

Then again I'm also the kind of guy who believes that if you need to borrow money to buy a car, then you're paying too much, so maybe I'm biased.

Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 281

Not for profit doesn't necessarily mean charity either. I work for a nonprofit company and we don't do any charity work (other than the usual fundraiser type stuff that just about every other company does) and we don't take donations or government money either. It also doesn't mean that the services we provide don't yield a profit or are somehow less expensive. All nonprofit basically means is that the company doesn't have shareholders of any sort and doesn't pay dividends to anybody.

We do have a system though where when the company revenues go a certain amount above its expenses, it's dispersed to ALL of the company's employees as a bonus. Since we're a pretty large company, it doesn't amount to anything huge (I think last year's was about $300) but it's purpose is to be an incentive for everybody within the company to feel responsible for the overall goal of customer satisfaction, thus driving results.

Comment Re:Wait a minute.. (Score 2) 200

I think this is a problem in want of a legal solution rather than a technical one. That is, people hosting ddos botnet nodes behind their internet connection, winningly or not, be held accountable. And it needs not be anything drastic, just require heavy throttling until they fix their shit. And foreign actors can simply have their mal intended traffic dropped at the border links if their country doesn't enforce similar rules.

Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 381

Before I respond, let me clarify my terms:

- When I say condition, I'm referring to a state of being, and not necessarily anything medical. For example, the phrase "the human condition" doesn't refer to a medical condition.
- When I say problem, I mean a situation in want of a resolution. If a situation is not in want of a resolution, then it is not a problem.

The woman who wanted to be a cat has nothing to do with transsexuals. We've been able to demonstrate, and the APA has accepted, that transsexuality is not a mental condition.

Is the cat woman's problem a mental condition? In her own words, she seems pretty sure that she was born the wrong species.

Hmmm...sounds familiar...I swear I've heard this word "dysphoria" somewhere before...ring a bell?

So why do you keep on bringing up examples that have noting to do with the actual topic?

Well I'll try explaining this from another angle then: In the case of Bradley Manning, you immediately hop on the argument that his brain is a female brain, and therefore he's a female. But the truth is, you really have no idea. And, that's exactly I'm bringing up pretty clear examples of people wanting to be things they are not, such as FTM which, try as you might, you can't explain away with your conjecture about Manning.

Because you have a problem.

And what problem do I have, exactly? I'm comfortable with my views and they don't need any solution. If I meet a brony (and I have met a few) I'm going to think "eh this dude is kinda weird, but whatever." I think the same about trannies and RPers. Does it need a solution? No. I just see some odd people....and...well shit, I'll have a beer with em, even be friends with em -- hell I'd even have a beer with you and be friends with you for that matter -- or a member of ISIS (provided they didn't try to cut my head off) or Hitler. I'm the kind of guy who will get along with anybody, even those who hate me.

But the thing is, and this is the meat of the issue: If I see a woman making herself to be a cat, I'd probably offer her another pint rather than some catnip.

In other words, it's perfectly normal for ANYBODY to behave one way towards one sex while behaving in often completely different ways towards another sex. And no, that's not sexist or somehow wrong or misogynistic, because women do and say different things around other women than they do to men. It's just human behavior, and I don't know if you have a problem with that or not, but if you do...well...not my problem.

And -- what I'm ultimately getting at -- if I meet a man making himself to be a woman -- and I have -- my communication with this person will be just as if they were another one of the guys. I'm not trying to be offensive, I'm just a no bullshit kind of guy. Make sense? If that bothers you, and makes you want to rid the world of me, or at least rid the immediate area of my presence, then that's not my problem, that's your problem. I don't have a problem because to me you're just another one of the guys, because again, I'm a no BS kind of guy, (sometimes to my detriment because if somebody asks me an IT question that I don't know the answer to, then I'll just flat out say "I don't know, but I'll figure it out", instead of doing the typical IT geek thing and pretend I know while I go look up the actual solution, whereas the later person will probably look better and will probably get promoted easier.)

If you were born with one eye, that would be a physical condition. It too would cause mental distress. The fix for the mental stress is not therapy to help you accept that you have only one eye - it's changing you physically - giving you a glass eye. That physical change relieves a lot of the mental stress because it lets you be who you should have been except for that missing eye.

In a manner of speaking, I was born with one eye. Or more specifically, amblyopia. And yes, it did (and still does) cause mental distress because I suck at sports. Seriously I'm the type of guy that will get picked dead last; right after kid wearing a cast on his leg. I more or less corrected the condition using my own self-developed "rehabilitative visual therapy" program, but it's still not perfect because now I'm left eye dominant while being right handed, which causes problems with aiming a rifle for example.

But your issue is talking more about a deformity, and I've got that too: My ears are small; about the size of a silver dollar. And, my right ear has only half of an upper lobe. People give me shit about it sometimes, but I'm not about to go get surgery for it.

Also, saying I debate like a man - I'm the one who keeps on getting back to the main topic

Honestly that has nothing to do with it. Besides, I haven't strayed from the topic, rather I'm showing you the error in the reasoning you're using. Hell, you're the one who brought up Zucker, which is no more on or off topic than anything I've stated.

So, if I'm debating like a man, you must be debating like a woman. But again, saying my style of debate is like a man's is sexist.

No, it's just a fact: Men and women debate differently. There is nothing right or wrong with it, it just is, it's a form of dimorphism and it's a perfectly normal thing. That would be like saying that it's sexist of me to point out that women tend to be shorter than men because some people perceive being short as being inferior, but again, that's just dimorphism and it's perfectly normal.

Speak of which, I believe I didn't specify (though I possibly did, I usually don't talk about gender issues) whether or not I was a man prior to the first time I ever said anything to you, and I believe one of your first replies to me was accusing me of thinking with my dick. So what made you imply I was a male? Perhaps intuitively you saw strong hints in one direction?

In summary, you are bothered by this even though it has nothing to do with you personally,

Again, not bothered...except maybe when a trans person tries to pass themselves off as something else to me in a bar...but so long as they're honest it's fine, but it's not a problem that ever lasts more than about 2 minutes. And no, I wouldn't date a man; whether or not he claims to be a woman is notwithstanding.

Things that bother me include:

-The anti-GMO movement who are trying to ban the very technology that I view as the key to our future survival. And yes, this is one of those things that is my problem.
- The fact that I have to carry around an iPhone for work when I like my Android phone a lot better (thus I carry both instead of opting to use my work phone for personal use; an option that I've been offered.)
- The fact that traffic fucking sucks in the morning. Potential solutions to this problem include riding my bike or buying an EV to use the HOV lane.

If you have proof that transsexuality is a mental disorder, produce it - even though that isn't justification for misgendering and deadnaming somebody

Deadnaming? Well, I highly doubt that either Bradley or Bruce will ever hear me say their names. Or do you spend your time complaining about the noise caused by trees falling in the woods, even though you're not there to hear them? Unless, you mean like how I still call my sister by her birth name? But so does everybody else and she's never complained about it. My grandpa calls me "bird" even though that's never at any point been my name or anything close to it. People at work always call me Jason even though my name has never at any point been Jason or anything even similar to it.

None of this bothers me.

and you'd rather act antisocial

How so? You're the one lobbing names and insults, which is by far more antisocial than anything I've done. I can only guess -- and this goes back to the earlier point I made about you being more dogmatic than a typical churchgoer -- is that if my opinion on the matter is wrong, then no big deal. But if your opinion on the matter is wrong...well then you're kind of screwed at this point, I'd imagine. So with you being so heavily invested in your particular viewpoint, I get why you lash out, maybe for the same reason that scientologists are so aggressive towards nonbelievers (after all, they're quite invested in their viewpoint, such as yourself.)

Comment Re: I am? (Score 1) 207

Do I know it's wrong? Yeah. Do I care? No, not particularly. I've personally written software that I've had people pirate, and was just like "meh, whatever". I guess it's kind of like speeding, which I do all the time, and the cops don't seem to care as I've had several watch me do it and I've never gotten a speeding ticket.

Comment Re: So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 2) 195

I think the best thing would be to treat internet access much like we do electromagnetic spectrum, and require those using it to have some kind of accountability in that if they participate in a ddos, willingly or not, then they have to have their access throttled to something like 128kbit, even if they switch ISPs, and they can only have it unthrottled once they decide to secure their devices or otherwise stop participating in ddos.

Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 381

In other words, the article you quoted is irrelevant. The world has moved on. The government does not want any more of what they called unethical and abusive conversion therapy on children - not from Zucker, not from anyone else.

Except if you actually read what I mentioned, that's not what anybody accused him of, except for the PC police.

Again, what do you fear so much about transsexuals that you can't even call them by their names?

Who? Bradley Manning? Bruce Jenner? Actually about that -- I refer to everybody by names I've known them as for a long time. That includes my sister who legally changed her name (and still remains her birth gender, by the way.) That also includes that total douchebag Brianna Wu, who I've never known by any other name.

That has nothing to do with being trans or anything like that; it's that I think it's a load of crap that somebody can be one thing and then one day wake up and claim to be something/someone else and expect everybody to follow that as if life is world of warcraft on an RP server where one you hop on an alt, you're suddenly a new identity with a new personality (and yes, I'm also annoyed by RPers.) And don't think your special because that includes this:

Much in the same as that woman wants to be a cat and might pick up the mannerisms of a cat, at the end of the day she's a woman. Likewise much as you pick up the mannerisms of a woman, you still are a man, and even debate just like one.

That offends you? Honestly, that's your problem, not mine.

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