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Comment Why didn't they fork it before? (Score 1) 254

When TJ Holowaychuk announced he is leaving Node behind he said:

Streams are broken, callbacks are not great to work with, errors are vague, tooling is not great, community convention is sort of there, but lacking compared to Go. That being said there are certain tasks which I would probably still use Node for, building web sites, maybe the odd API or prototype. If Node can fix some of its fundamental problems then it has good chance at remaining relevant, but the performance over usability argument doesn’t fly when another solution is both more performant and more user-friendly.

And now they're forking Node over this ?
So I'm guessing streams will still be broken and callback will still be not great to work with.

Comment Re:This sounds like a good idea (Score 2) 52

Right, because in 2014 there's NOTHING useful on the internet.

We will continue to have a book-only education FOREVER and we will ALWAYS teach our kids how to write by hand before typing. Because the paradigm never changes.

Believe it or not I have shown them wikipedia, at least the version in my own language, because they are inquisitive. Yes, I could read it to them, I could study it in advance and present the information to them and so on. But to be honest I actually believe the paradigm has shifted and they will live in a different world as my parents did and they will need access to newer tools earlier.

The internet is just a tool. Books can be evil or stupid too.

PS: https://blockly-games.appspot....

Comment This sounds like a good idea (Score 1) 52

Hi have 8 years old twins that are starting to discover both google and youtube and they still ask me for direction (we're from a non-english speaking country) and so I'm able to filter out "bad" stuff from the start but I was actually started to get concerned about how I can make sure they don't end up in those weird corners of the internet.

I'm not worried about sex, as we had various talks on the subject and we're open about that (though after all the talks I actually find concepts like sex stores or sex toys harder to explain than how are babies made), but I am concerned about violence and generally "bad ideas" related content.

Since we're on Ubuntu I was wondering if there's any product similar to netnanny so for now I was relying on using youtube logged out which is/was supposed to ask you to login once you hit stuff that has been marked as inappropriate. Or relying on the Safe Search filter on google.

But this sounds like a better idea, I guess I can create them separate users on my linux machines with specially configured chrome profiles that will stick them to these kids-saf versions. If it all works like they describe it, of course.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 3, Insightful) 358

Came here to say exactly this.
Whoever uses the phone while driving will try 2-3 times and have his eyes on the phone longer as opposed as having the other side answer and him talking and leat looking in front of him.
Yes, I know the attention span of someone talking on the phone and driving is the same as someone who's drunk, but still it must beat not looking at the road.

Comment Does the math work out? (Score 1) 193

I mean if Tesla (and I'm a fan) needs to built its own ecosystem from scratch inside which their cars make sense economically for their customers, doesn't that mean that they need to put in more money than they make>
Is this viable? Something sounds like the old fable of pulling yourself up by your own hair.

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