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Submission + - SPAM: PressDisplay – An Easy-to-follow Press Reader for Mobile Devices Read more

Amy65 writes: Are you looking for an easy-to-follow and handy solution to read all the hottest news stories while you are on the go? Good news the world’s largest online newspaper kiosk, the Newspaper Direct, brought a flawless solution namely Press Display for all those who need to browse and read thousands of full content premium newspapers and many different magazines from every corner of the world.
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Submission + - SPAM: Kalmar Ottawa Terminal Tractor Overview

AnnaJWells writes: Kalmar claims they have manufactured a machine with a ‘logistic-specific design’ in order that each facet of the tractor’s build is designed straight to its objective. Despite the fact that this sounds terrific, upon a deeper look, it just implies that Kalmar puts certain pieces on the vehicle to perform their precise job, which is generally how many manufacturers develop their products. (To illustrate, wheels are put on a car to ensure that the car can move.)
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Submission + - SPAM: How to distinguish light that is benefit to sleep

An anonymous reader writes: Antarctic expedition team often choose departure around November, because then the South Pole is in summer, it is easy to carry out scientific operations. Light environment inside Wall the station is not so good for the light source color temperature and illumination the Great Wall Station is the first Antarctic research station for China established on King George Island, because the transportation of materials is inconvenience, lamps are lack of maintenance, many of them are aging and damage. Therefore, Hao Losey applied for 863 polar light environment and continued to research the Antarctic, but also bring the results of his research to expedition team.

Design light environment governance "crazy"

"After so many years of human evolution, of course, the natural light is the most healthy source, but in the Antarctica special circumstances, we can use LED lights to simulate natural light." Hao Losey said.

Traditional lighting is difficult to achieve automatic control, it is also difficult to change for spectrum. The emergence of LED lighting simulation of natural light becomes possible. living, the "light environment is suitable for change" is an important condition to maintain physical and mental health for Antarctic expedition team. Hao Losey said, there are no tall buildings, no cars, sparsely populated, and even the layout of the house is the same, when living a long time, the expedition team is very easy to fall into a monotonous "crazy" state. By virtue of light source color temperature and illumination changes can regulate the body's mood so that improve mental state players.

Color temperature, is a light source spectral energy distribution of the scale, that is, we usually say that the being of light. Low indicate that color temperature of light trend to warmer, high represent colder. Great Wall Station is used to higher color temperature cool light, cool light gives quiet, elegant feel, but it also gives sense of cold and emptiness. Some expedition members always said that it was cold to stand outside the station, either at the station.

What is the important work during Hao Losey's trip to Antarctica, is to replace lamps of the Great Wall Station, when the expedition team members feel that the new lamps emit warm light, have said, "I feel great."

Change the color temperature benefit sleep

The sleep is closely related to the light. According to Hao Losey introduction, the human pineal gland in the brain has extraordinary function when we fall asleep at night, it will secrete large amounts of melatonin, the hormone can inhibit the body's sympathetic nervous excitability, result in decreasing blood pressure and slowing heart rate so that heart have rest. However, melatonin is very "sensitive" to light, as long as the eye receives light stimulation, melatonin secretion will be reduced pineal command, so the sleeping affect is easer in the day than at light

Understand how light and melatonin influenced sleep, another issue what Hao Losey should do is finding light environment that makes less impact on melatonin to indoor light environment room minimum the inhibition of melatonin secretion , let the expedition team have a good quality of sleep.

How to understand relationship LED light source spectral energy distribution between melatonin secretion, Hao Losey have already formed a preliminary theoretical support. She told reporters, from view of the domestic experiment, high color temperature light have strong suppression of melatonin secretion and constant light will affect the daily cycle of melatonin secretion. In this regard, she needs to wait for the Antarctic experimental samples to return, further verify the correctness of the theory on the polar expedition.

Obviously, compared to traditional light sources, LED lighting is helpful in regulating sleep , although we're not sure how much help, the LED lighting that is know as energy saving and long lightingnot dazzling and good heat dissipation have been confirmed a large number of professional LED lighting company influx of LED lighting industry, Li Sida lighting specialize in manufacturing LED flood light and LED tunnel lights, and other kinds of LED lighting, excellent product and relatively low have been price widely welcoming at home and abroad

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Submission + - SPAM: What happens when you Google something?

An anonymous reader writes: What happens when you hit the "search" button? Find out what happens behind the scenes at Google and your search will never be the same again!
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Submission + - DARPA Unveils an Android-based Ground Sensor Device (

DeviceGuru writes: DARPA announced a sensor reference system device based on a new Android-based sensor processing core called the ADAPTable Sensor System (akla ADAPT). The initial ADAPT reference device, called UGS (unattended ground sensor), is designed as the basis for a series of lower-cost, more upgradable sensor devices for military applications. The ADAPT program is part of larger effort by the U.S. military to reduce the costs and speed production schedules for military equipment, using an ODM process similar to that of the commercial smartphone industry. Potential applications for the technology include swarms of hive-mind UAVs or robots, or perimeter security sensors hidden at a deployed airfield or underground, all networked together and capable of transmitting video. What could possibly go wrong!

Submission + - Most powerful laser to be built in Romania as part of a larger EU funded project (

cripkd writes: The 3rd pillar from the ELI program has been given the go ahead yesterday.
"In Romania, Magurele, the ELI pillar will focus on laser-based nuclear physics. For this purpose, an intense gamma-ray source is forseen by coupling a high-energy particle accelerator to a high-power laser."
Specs and details about why this is not your regular key-chain laser here.

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