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United Kingdom

Submission + - UK Gov plans to give "greater freedom to use copyright works" (

crimperman writes: The Uk Government is planning to change their copyright laws to give "greater freedom" on usage. The Dept for Business Innovation and Skills say the new measures "include provisions to allow copying of works for personal use parody and for the purposes of quotation." (there is currently no "fair usage" law in the UK). They also say the provisions "allow people to use copyright works for a variety of ... purposes without permission from the copyright owners." and ""bring up to date the provisions for education use."
A sensible copyright law from the UK? What are the chances of this getting through?

Comment prior street art? (Score 1) 388

Like others here I started to lose sympathy for the pub owners when I saw they had used images from the movies in their publicity and were clearly trading on a Tolkien-based theme. However I wonder whether those suing will be asking the residents of this Essex town to change their addresses: plenty of names and places from Tolkien's Midd-earth in there (no Hobbit though) ;) I have friends who live in Gandalf's Ride and whenever I visit I always think it must be cool to put one of these roads down as your address.

Comment Re:Very broken system (Score 1) 212

In the UK it's quite common to see ATM's as free standing units in shops, pubs or inside bank lobbies. There are even ones which are converted phone boxes. Mostly the ones outside banks will charge you a flat rate for a withdrawal but people still use them. Whilst the latter might be a little harder to cart around the former is quite plausible. You'd just need somewhere to leave it.

Comment Re:Oh, it's clear something has to change! (Score 1) 284

I've been thinking of switching completely to Debian, but the amount of work to get that running right as a modern desktop is daunting. I can do it, I have done it, but for example, to have a modern browser you either have to manually install it bypassing the package management (bad!) or use backports to get modern compiles of iceweasel. Neither is optimal.

What I fear, is that the proposed shorter release cycles are going to make Ubuntu break too often. That will turn off users, and they cannot afford to lose even more users after the 11.04 release.

If you find the thought of Debian too daunting (personally I find it a doddle but happy to accept not everyone is the same) perhaps you should look at something like LMDE. It's a rolling distro based on Debian testing but it includes the latest point-releases-disguised-as-full-releases from Mozilla et al. I run it on the "family PC" while my own laptop(s) runs Debian testing. LMDE has yet to break unlike the Kubuntu install it replaced which did so frequently.

Comment Re:Removing private account info? (Score 3, Informative) 312

I got an invite into Google+, was on for a very short time (around 10 minutes I would guess), in which I already had several people "pre-add" me to their lists - for a brand new account (so how exactly have these relationships been formed, or is this some Buzz "feature" where certain people are automatically just linked to my Google+ account?)

It's probably worth pointing out that somebody "adding you" in Google+ is not the same as in Facebook or Twitter. Adding somebody to one of your circles in Google+ means you can post stuff TOWARDS them but it does not mean you can see anything of theirs other than their public profile. It's one way only unless they add you to their circle too and even then something you post to a circle I am in won't appear on my default stream. It appears on my incoming stream and I can then choose whether to include things from your circle in my default stream. Also with every post you can choose who (in terms of circles or individuals) gets to see it or not.

It's not perfect and could possibly still be open to abuse by marketeers but they seem to have made a better stab at it that Facebook

Comment Multiple options (Score 1) 722

It all depends what you mean by "name" but I tend to use two of the options together.

The hostname for my servers tends to be fictional characters. I'll choose a fictional universe for each location and name the servers there after one of the characters from it. However in a large environment obsucre names can be a pain to remember/learn so I tend to set up a cname based on the core service running on the server. So yes technically I should (and did) go for "fictional names" but to all intents and purpose my servers are given functional names too.

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