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Comment Re:What kind of environment did the founders have? (Score 1) 233

My bet would be quiet university dorm rooms or similar. In other words the opposite of the open plan office.

When I worked for a moving company as a PC disconnect/reconnect tech in 2011, Mark Zuckerberg's desk was out in the open and looked like any other desk on the floor. I don't recall seeing any private offices.

Comment Re:Individual enclosed offices are best for (Score 3, Informative) 233

At one job I worked at, management installed software to remotely monitor the desktop of each workstation. One morning my supervisor came running over to inform that I can't be browsing Amazon on company time. That is until he saw that I had a breakfast burrito in hand, as company policy allowed employees to browse the Internet on their breaks. I told him to bugger off. The workaround for many employees was to buy a Wifi-enabled PDA and browse the Internet via the open access point next door. Since we were hunched over our desks while using our PDAs, management throught we were working hard as no one was browsing the Internet on their PC.

Comment Re:The popularity of open offices has exacerbated (Score 1) 233

The only time it became a choice at one company that I worked for was when management wanted to replace the tall cube walls with short cube walls that allowed everyone to see everyone else. Bad enough that we had to work in bullpens, but no one wanted shorter cubicle walls. Management backed off and later decided to shut down the office to save money before the company filed for bankruptcy.

Comment Re: How much of that is entirely Microsoft's faul (Score 1) 524

I 'know' how we setup and managed our network infrastructure, but that doesn't mean your 80,000 desktop network was setup the same as ours.

If the network has 100+ Windows computers, the network infrastructure will almost always be Windows. I've never seen a Fortune 500 company use Linux with SAMBA and OpenLDAP for the domain controllers.

Comment Re:Follow the money... (Score 1) 563

Obamacare was designed to fail so that the ultimate goal...full government-run, single-provider healthcare...could be rolled out in the US.

Obamacare should have been a single-provider healthcare. Thanks to Republican governors insisting that their states use the federal exchange, we're already half-way there to single-provider healthcare.

You seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

Prior to Obamacare, I was paying $500 per month for company provided insurance. After Obamacare, I'm now paying $150 per month for company provided insurance. If I bought insurance on the exchange, it would be $350 per month as I don't qualify for subsidies.

Comment Re:Follow the money... (Score 1) 563

The last Baby Boomer and the first Gen Xer will retire in 2030. Doesn't change fact that healthcare will be in great demand, young people will follow the money into healthcare, and two-thirds of the federal budget will go to Social Security and Medicare (which means taxes will have to go way up to cover everything else).

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