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Comment Re:Echo Cam Now Makes Sense (Score 1) 76

Comment Re:Echo Cam Now Makes Sense (Score 1) 76

you take something other people would be ashamed of and brag about it?

What it is that I'm supposed to be ashamed of?

my 85 year old gramma can walk it in 20

Take another look at the treadmill picture. I'm walking 3 MPH on a 3% incline, which simulates the "intensity" of running. I doubt your gramma can do that without falling off and breaking her hip.


Normal walking - do you take a full hour for that mile or just ride your fucking scooter.

Takes me 30 minutes to walk a mile at my regular pace or 15 minutes if I'm in a hurry to catch the express bus. That's walking, not running. I don't want to end up like those skinny guys hobbling around after knee surgery because they had to show off at basketball.

Comment Re:The main problem (Score 2) 72

In Mountain View, CA? Rent.

How much of Mountain View doesn't Google own?

Google and LinkedIn did a land swap last year to get out of each other's way since Mountain View wasn't big enough for the both of them.


Comment Re:Echo Cam Now Makes Sense (Score 1) 76

Fat people whining about how hard it is to lose fat are simply unwilling to make the lifestyle changes required.

I eat less than most skinny people. I work out more than most skinny people. I still get lectured by skinny people who are indignant that I accepted being big as a normal part of my life instead of wallowing in self-piety and playing the victim game.

You got fat by living the way you do.

No, my genetics chose that I should be fat. My bone structure is three times bigger than my mother's and twice as big as my father's. I had a sixth-grade principal who called them in for a conference because he was going to shame them for having a fat kid. Except he was shocked to discover that my parents were skinny as can be and made for an awkward meeting. A half-dozen school-ordered blood tests by specialist failed to resolve this mystery. It wasn't until after my mother passed away that I came across family photos from the 1900's that I realized that I wasn't the only big person in the family.

Comment Re:Echo Cam Now Makes Sense (Score 1) 76

The "have two snickers bars instead" comment was what is commonly known as sarcasm, pointing out that your energy bar consumption is as bad as, if not worse than, eating candy bars.

Are you the asshat who told me that I need a bowl of candy to stay on the treadmill? I didn't see a bowl candy at morning working at the gym.


Comment Re:Never heard of the guy... (Score 1) 46

A search on Amazon for Harry Huskey returned books by Harry Huskey as the first results.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I don't know what you searched for, but I suspect you need more practice doing it.

Looks like I searched for "Harry Husky," which was what Amazon offered as an alternative for "Harry Huskey" on the page with his book.

Comment Re: Never heard of the guy... (Score 1) 46

You're always going on here about your college experience and your work experience [...]

I got an A.S. degree in computer programming at a community college. The focus was on the practical and not theoretical. Many students were expected to get a job as a Java programmer or web developer. Historical context in most programming textbooks was a few lines at best.

[...] and how well you know the craft and all of that jazz [...]

Some people here assumed that I'm a professional programmer/developer/architect when I am not. I'm just a virtual ditch digger in IT Support. Without my dedicated work behind the scenes, the programmer/developer/architect at my job would have no cloud for users to connect.

[...] yet you've never heard of this important computing pioneer?!

If Amazon "never heard of this important computing pioneer", his life and achievements didn't a merit a book or he got mentioned in passing in someone else's book. I haven't read too many pre-1950's computer history books. The earliest books I've read was "The Supermen: The Story of Seymour Cray and the Technical Wizards Behind the Supercomputer" by Charles J. Murray and "Computing in the Middle Ages: A View From the Trenches 1955-1983" by Severo Ornstein.

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