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Comment Re:Harassing the security apparatus is pointless (Score 3, Insightful) 50

Or, perhaps, there are a lot of people who will behave differently inside a voting booth than outside of it?

For all the people claiming "he can't win", there is a extremely large population of Americans that long for 1950's and will vote that way, no matter what they say in the polls.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 2) 310

The "masses" of yesterday didn't know either.

This "back in my" shit has to stop.

In the "70's" 90% of the public listened to music of fucking 8-tracks, shitty turntables, or fuckin am/fm radio with shitty single paper speakers.

In the "80's" they "upgraded" to cassettes. ROFL

In the "90's" we got CD and the snobs complained about the "loss" in sound? are you fucking kidding me?

"cheap" equipment and MP3's today is 10 times better then what 90% of the public used EVER.

Comment Remember the usb parking lot hack? (Score 1) 308

They left the USB in the parking lot outside a secure facility. Some idiot picked it up on his way into work. Bam they penetrated the network.

Some asshole could leave this lying anywhere outside, some place he didn't like. neighbor pisses you off? leave it in their mailbox...

90% of the people who found one would plug it in. Hell, I know the risks in IT security and my curiosity might even get the best of me...

Comment Common sense (Score 1) 74

This was a idea and project that other than research benefits was doomed to failure.

most people DON'T upgrade their computers

even more people DON'T upgrade their laptops

almost NO ONE would upgrade or even want to upgrade their phone.

The "cost" of modularization exponentially increases with each step above. people don't want the extra cost on a computer or laptop, why a phone?

Most laptops aren't even modular now. Why? no one buys the modules outside of some niche areas.

On today's phones most people don't prioritize removable batteries or or expandable storage. yet people were going to switch out modules? ROFL

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 2) 990

This ^^

Where I live, there are too many cars for the available spaces. I sometimes have to park a block or two away if I get home late. Even if you go with "public charging" spots that you just pay, what happens when their full? "Sorry boss I can't come in today, my car is still charging..." What happens when some kids go through and unplug everyone's car?

While I think electric is great, and today can work for a lot of suburban, semi urban areas. They are a LOT of logistics that haven't been worked out for heavily urban areas.

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