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Comment Re:Neat! (Score 1) 163

I've heard the vulgarity of our entertainment defended with the claim that it reflects society - I wonder, then, why those in charge of Hollywood fight so hard against our desire for cleaner entertainment?

Because, why YOU think you're special and righteous in your desire for "no naughty words". The fact is, NO ONE ELSE CARES. Either they like gore and naughty words (like myself) or the just don't care. Your "fight" is one sided, Hollywood is driven by profits, and no matter how important you think you are. The blunt fact is you and those 5 people like you make up a miniscule part of the "viewers" that it is not even worth their time money wise. In fact you're so insignificant, it is not worth their time to put out "edited" versions of popular movies for you. (hint: if they thought for a second they could increase profits, it would exist)

So basically, you thinking their "fighting" against is akin to the Ants in a mound thinking I'm fighting them when my boot lans on them while I walk through the woods.

Comment Re:I smell a law suit here (Score 1) 118

While generally agree with "personal responsibility"

"...because the Tesla Android app stores the OAuth token in cleartext, and contains no reverse-engineering protection..."

In this day in age? Are you fucking kidding me?

Yes,I think this constitutes lawsuit worthy, they're not coders they're complete incompetent hacks.

Comment Re:Understandable, but foolish (Score 1) 386

Humans are EXTREMELY adaptable.

They are many parallels we primitive peoples have been introduced into modern society and flourished.

  Language barrier? not like people have been dropped into foreign cultures and managed to learn the local language.

Will it be easy? probably not. Language barrier? not like people have been dropped into foreign cultures and managed to learn the local language.

Comment Re:They paid for it (Score 1) 386

Shrug, people are orphaned at young ages all the time. They survive and even prosper.

That said, yes he thought it out rationally. And eventually, agreed not to fight it.

  The reality here, is she's dead either way, if this gives her and her mother peace. So be it. She got a shitty roll of "life's dice", personally in that position I might make the gamble myself no matter how long the odds are.

Personally, I think the most likely outcome here is the same way older cemeteries today run out of money and the land gets sold. This company will eventually run out of money and the power gets shut off. The bodies will be shipped off somewhere and buried with little fanfare.


Comment Re:BBS (Score 1) 181

As a update, I got the stuff Sunday. Yeah it is the 130XE... I have a tv/monitor that and a component "in" so I was actually able to hook it right up!

So far most of the disks work which amazes me (mid 80's most of them)...

The joysticks are a little rough for wear, but I've tried a couple dozen games so far!

A couple games still had the highscores, and yes I took pictures and sent them to a childhood friend let him know he never beat me and that game :P

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