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Cheap Cancer Drug Finally Tested In Humans 363

John Bayko writes "Mentioned on Slashdot a couple of years ago, the drug dichloroacetate (DCA) has finally finished its first clinical trial against brain tumors in humans. Drug companies weren't willing to test a drug they could not patent, so money was raised in the community through donations, auctions, and finally government support, but the study was still limited to five patients. It showed extremely positive results in four of them. This episode raises the question of what happens to all the money donated to Canadian and other cancer societies, and especially the billions spent buying merchandise with little pink ribbons on it, if not to actual cancer research like this."

Comment Tetris of the 21st Century (Score 1) 12

I wish I had known about this while the promotion was going on. I downloaded this on a whim after reading a preview, knowing that classic puzzle games like Tetris were always among my favorites, and I knew it would be worth $15.00 (1500 WiiWare points).

I loved it so much that I not only paid an additional $20 (plus tax) to purchase the Windows PC version, just to play it with a mouse (it's more fun on the Wii, but the mouse allows much better control), but I bought two more copies to share with two friends, who loved it just as much. It's a shame I missed this promotion, because I would have told dozens more to pay whatever they thought was fair to get the game for themselves.

Here's my quick review... The gameplay is simple but addictive. It's easy to learn, and the skills are easy to master as you progress through the game. But it's never too easy, and some levels require quite a bit of outside-the-box thinking. And the game is even spiked with the sarcasm of the "sign painter," who leaves vague clues around each level should you need them. (Forget needing them -- each and every sign is a joy to read, and it's worth beating each level just to get to the next bit of witty advice.)

To me, this is the 21st century thinking-man's Tetris. It's a shame that it will never be as popular as Tetris, because it really should be.

Comment All that matters is ... is it fun? (Score 1) 186

Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are fun to this day, and their graphics by today's standards are terrible. The graphics don't have to be next-gen or hyper-realistic. There is only one crucial element: gameplay. If it's done well -- if it's fun to play the first time and gamers have a reason to keep coming back -- then yes, there is a future for mature gaming on the Wii.

Unfortunately, I think it's going to take a babysteps approach, because Nintendo's current fanbase seems to be mostly casual gamers and the family-friendly types. Anyone not in that category who has a Wii is probably a loyal fan, so Nintendo doesn't need to focus on them -- those fans will find the games they want either way.

Comment Re:Order out of state (Score 2, Interesting) 327

I believe Wisconsin internet vendors can only tax Wisconsin buyers. Out-of-state taxation would basically be taxation without representation, which is what previous legal precedents have disallowed... that is, until the federal government decides to pass a law enabling states to cooperate on internet sales taxation.

And just wait until the federal government gets involved directly. For only pennies on the dollar, an eBay sales tax could fund Social Security and Medicare for through the baby boom crunch. (Or could it...?)

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 2, Insightful) 331

This is one way to deal with it:

$ telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'. ESMTP mail_relay_in-da05.2; Thu, 17 Jan 2008 13:03:52 -0500
220-America Online (AOL) and its affiliated companies do not
220- authorize the use of its proprietary computers and computer
220- networks to accept, transmit, or distribute unsolicited bulk
220- e-mail sent from the internet. Effective immediately: AOL
220- may no longer accept connections from IP addresses which
220 have no reverse-DNS (PTR record) assigned.

All geeks are required to hate spam. It's in the by-laws, go check.

Submission + - The Cross-Site Request Forgery FAQ

An anonymous reader writes: "Cross-site Request Forgery (also known as XSRF, CSRF, and Cross Site Reference Forgery) works by exploiting the trust that a site has for the user. Site tasks are usually linked to specific urls allowing specific actions to be performed when requested. If a user is logged into the site and an attacker tricks their browser into making a request to one of these task urls, then the task is performed and logged as the logged in user.

Submission + - What tax software do you use?

r_jensen11 writes: I know this topic has been asked at least once before, but seeing as how 6 years have passed, I figured the question is due again. It's about that time of the year again when we find out how much we owe Uncle Sam (Or as in my case, how much Uncle Sam owes me.) Software has changed drastically in the past 6 years since the previous query I found on Slashdot, as well as many tax rules. Does anyone here use tax software other than TurboTax and TaxCut? I know that there are also online forms I can fill out, but which ones are accessable to people that use OS's other than Windows and OSX? I'd preferably use a program that I can use off-line and store my information locally instead of using eforms, but if I have to resort to eforms, which ones should I investigate and which ones should I stay far away from?

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