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Comment No party invitations? (Score 2) 202

I understand that with the exception of major-life events (e.g. weddings), good-old-fashioned written invitations have largely gone the way of the dodo, but most parties I've gone to have been word-of-mouth invitations. Either Sunde is overestimating his sans-Facebook popularity or he needs to reassess the (and possibly revert to the pre-Facebook-era) definition of "friend." Last I checked, it means something other than "acquaintance."

Comment Re: Time for the Paid Shills to Earn Their Keep! (Score 1) 250

Out of curiosity, what functionality is missing due to lack of 3rd party programs (oops, I mean "apps"?) I have GPS (both HERE and Waze), Pandora, FM radio (which oddly is unavailable on Apple without buying extra hardware....), email, browsing, and banking programs. Skype works well and there are enough games to help pass the time. Specific games are missing, yes, but it's anyone really buying a $600 define to primarily play a specific $5 game?

Comment Vinyl (Score 1) 69

Please, the nenefits if vinyl are the catalog backlog of music not yet digitized as well as the (sometimes) better attention suring mastering. Personally, I'll never buy a Blue Notes pressing if Analogue Productions also releases their own version of the same album.

Comment Re:So when are they making something we can AFFORD (Score 2) 323

F-150's not a good comparison. There are a wide range of configurations. You can get a new F-150 for sub $25k or you can spec them out up into the $60k+ range.

For many of them, the F150 is just as likely to be a tool as it is a means of personal transportation. It's not unheard of for a family farmer to have $1MM worth of land, property, and equipment....

Comment ORLY? (Score 0) 394

There are no programs for text editing, Skype, Office etc. installed and that prevents normal use,

So if there aren't any text editors or office suites, how did they write a letter and publish the PDF?

The lack of user permissions makes them of limited use.

Lack of user permissions, as in the IT department locks down organization's computers, just like most other places? Who has a la carte access to their desktop/laptop computers in a professional environment?

Comment Re:wait a minute... (Score 1) 213

So you're asking us how to prove it's public domain so you can make money with it?
That ofcourse is ridiculous.. If it's public domain, you shouldn't be able to make money off it by republishing it on youtube you lame bastard...

You mean to tell me that all those publishers who are printing copies of Tom Sawyer and Moby Dick are doing so out of their own, big hearts? How kind of them!

Comment Re:blame the caller. (Score 1) 145

As someone on the brink (I'm either a millenial or not depending on what dipshit armchair sociologist is spewing the buzzword)...

Voicemail, I get. It's bullshit. If you call me and I don't answer, I'll call back. Without listening to your voicemail. Because I'm going to call you back. Doing voicemail would be a waste of time for everyone involved.

And what happens when that person is unavailable when you call them?

Comment Re:Where's Trump? (Score 1) 686

I don't think his campaign has anything to do with political strategy.

It's vanity. His money can't buy him the presidency, but it can be him some months of make-believe where he imagines he could be.

How much has he had to spend to get this attention? My armchairing says that he is getting a hell of a lot of publicity and public attention for very little of his own (monetary) expense.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1307

Free health care: passing doctors money under the table to get them to work on you.

And how much of the Greek economy lives "under the table?" The greater the relative size of a black-market economy is to that of the whole economy, the greater the incentive to perpetuate the black-market economy and destroy any public benefits funded via taxation. See: tragedy of the commons

Comment Re:Surprising to those unfamiliar with mathematici (Score 1) 170

I don't follow football a lot, but my understanding is that players on the offensive line are a lot less susceptible to this problem. They don't tend to tack other players or collide at high speeds. They're almost right next to the opposing player who needs to be stopped and usually just end up grappling with this person. Contrast this with other positions where the player needs to tackle someone or ends up getting tackled a lot.

Players on the front lines have incredibly high rates of TBI because one of the common methods used by both the O and D lines is to whack the opposing player in the head to disorient them. TBI is greatly influenced by the frequent whacks to the head as well as using one's own head as a weapon - one doesn't need to be knocked out to have a concussion or subject to TBI.

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