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Journal Journal: The sig source

I enabled my email address on Slashdot once more and I got an email:

You talking about my Grandma I mention in my posts (about her being online)?

It is a bit confusing, so to avoid confusion, here's where I got it from.

I just recently changed my Slashdot sig back to what it was before. It was last set as:

The Windows reboot argument hasn't been an issue for years and diverts away from the real issue. Stop using it.

But I got tired of responding to people that took issue with the statement, so I changed it to the previous one I had:

"Grandma" does not exist, so stop pulling her out.

I got it from within this post, halfway through:

That's the "Grandma" I reference.

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Journal Journal: Website Change

I've decided, instead of building a website from the ground up, to base my site on Wordpress instead. It has the features I need, and I can customize it easily enough. I'm not a web designer, so any lame attempt on my part would probably be a mere shadow of what others have already done.

Like countless others before me, I will stand on the shoulders of giants.

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Journal Journal: Website

I've started up a new website; It will likely be slow in getting up and running, as life will get in the way, but I'll make the best of it as I can.
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Journal Journal: Writing

I'm thinking of starting to write. Not as a job, but as a relaxing getaway. I'm not bad at it, and I actually enjoy making documentation, strange as it may seem. Anyone have any tips for someone just starting out?
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Journal Journal: I'm Back 1

I'm Back.

I haven't been back to post in a while. A car accident, a stint with depression, leaving a job, buying a house. All have conspired to keep me from slashdot. But I'm back on course now.

Journal Journal: Update 7

I thought that I should update my journal since the ebay auction for mfh's account is over. Perhaps I should clarify my thoughts on this somewhat, since other slashdot users seem to think that I believe that low UIDs have some sort of "power", "authority", or "credibility". I do not. My problem is that low UID accounts are being sold with the notion that the account actually gives "street cred" when it does not. Maybe for new users to slashdot this is the case in their mind, even if it's subconscious, but most of them wise up quickly. All slashdot users know that this is the truth. Something about the irony of it all irritates me.

Dougman is one of my foes. Here is why.
Mfh is one of my foes. Here is why.

Journal Journal: /. low userid sellers 5

The campaign (and it is a campaign now) continues against dougman.

To see the issues I have with this user, see my first journal entry. Yet now there is another user, mfh, who is attempting the same thing. Luckily, the account has not yet been sold. The auction is here.

Slashdot user accounts with low userid numbers will be misleading to other users. Help stop this before it becomes common. Mark them Foes.

Dougman is one of my foes. Here is why.
Mfh is one of my foes. Here is why.

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