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Comment Re: Phill Schill (Score 1) 675

Dongles dongles dongles. Do you think bandwidth in a laptop is that important? I'd rather have convenience once I reach a threshold (USB 3 or Thunderbolt are that threshold, as most OTHER devices have bandwidths below... so why do I need more?). Also you are missing the thunderbolt port. And don't get me started on the whole ludicrous arguments Schiller is making about the SD slot. That is incovnenient because it is half sticking out? That is because YOU DESIGNED IT WRONG! It could have been a neat think that did not stick out, like even my SD adapters for arduinos costing $2 do. On the whole thing. Apple design is quickly going downhill. Lots of nonsense and the arguments Schiller presents look more like what I see from Trump. And the fanboys look like Trump voters. Sad.

Comment Re:the real reasons for this (Score 1) 404

... 4. predatory culture of consumption. ... In the US its not uncommon for a security guard making $13 an hour to drive a Lexus or Acura luxury sedan...

So, that is part of the problem. People living beyond their means. I make a lot more than that security guard and we drive a 10 year old Toyota. Works well. No debt. No major concerns.

Comment And who is putting a gun to people's heads? (Score 1) 219

Sorry, I don't give a rat's a$$ for this. The cable tv can charge anything they want, I am not buying. You don't like it, don't buy it. It is not a human necessity to have cable. Entirely optional. I have not had cable for 25 years (except for brief 1 month periods every 4 years for the world cup). Stop whining and get a life.

Comment Wow! Google is getting creepier and more stupid! (Score 2) 91

This is incredible... why in the world would I want to allow a single-point compromise (i.e., hacked phone) result in total control of all of my accounts? Creepy and stupid. I really think google developers are out of control. The company products are getting less and less attractive.

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