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Comment Wow! Google is getting creepier and more stupid! (Score 2) 91

This is incredible... why in the world would I want to allow a single-point compromise (i.e., hacked phone) result in total control of all of my accounts? Creepy and stupid. I really think google developers are out of control. The company products are getting less and less attractive.

Comment Just another set of immoral republicans. (Score -1) 327

They are ALL immoral of the worst kind. Always passing judgement on how other people live, always trying to mess up with other people's lives. But they are the biggest sinners. They are always drug addicts, or child molesters (see recent news), or are caught soliciting prostitution in airport bathrooms. In essence it boils down to how this starts: if your ideals are to just screw everybody and care for nobody you are a scum bag and that is that.

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