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Comment Just another set of immoral republicans. (Score -1) 327

They are ALL immoral of the worst kind. Always passing judgement on how other people live, always trying to mess up with other people's lives. But they are the biggest sinners. They are always drug addicts, or child molesters (see recent news), or are caught soliciting prostitution in airport bathrooms. In essence it boils down to how this starts: if your ideals are to just screw everybody and care for nobody you are a scum bag and that is that.

Comment It means they will... (Score 1) 337

When a company/politician claims they will not do something... it means they will. If not, consider all the times that apple has said they had no plans for a phone/tablet/pen computing/etc, only to do it a few months/years later. It just means they are not capable of doing it now, but they will eventually. So obvious....

Comment So... how good are the compressed images??? (Score -1, Flamebait) 311

I could not find comparisons between FLUF images and other formats. Ideally, take a sample of several images, compress them so they are the same size and compare their quality (e.g., on the website use uncompressed images, and show some zoom-ins from screenshots). Without this, this is quite useless.

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