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Comment utter crap language (Score 1, Troll) 382

I have endured java written apps all these years. Insane requirements to keep multiple versions and a most horrible cludge design required when using version specific java based tools from cisco , hp, brocade. Hands down above anything else, java is the number one thing I take out with my time machine.

Comment So... (Score 1) 311

So a company wants to try out some new idea/technology and with public funding is able to scale it up enough for a more serous rollout.

Succeed or fail, I'm excited that people continue to try and innovate.

It's not your tax dollars being wasted if it fails, so why not let innovation (man-made evolution) veer off in a new direction and see where it takes us.

Comment Re: If you're just beaming it down to earth anyway (Score 1) 230

If it had already been done, it wouldn't be newsworthy. Of course I'm not trying to discuss that. What I am commenting on is you're inability to read an article all the way through, and then comprehend the material enough to make constructive comments or critiques without ignoring some of the basic information that already exists in the article.

Comment Re:If you're just beaming it down to earth anyways (Score 0) 230

so yeah, again you didn't read the article, if you had you would have come across things like...

"your statement"
>> One tiny little question, the light pressure on this giant solar array, how will it be compensated? You know, the same light pressure that's supposed to drive solar sails to other stars? So, will we 3D print a reaction system to keep the panel oriented? Hmm? Oh OK, we'll just add some ion thrusters every few meters... Oh, how are you going to refuel it? More 3D printers?

"TFA" - I mean, c'mon there's a whole paragraph with link to further reading, here's a little snippit from the article.
Using a technique called gravity gradient stabilization, the bus would act as a counterweight to the huge panel.

Comment Re:If you're just beaming it down to earth anyways (Score 1) 230

>> So I guess the design of a fail-safe, automatically self-repairing.......

So I guess you didn't RTFA did ya now?

>> Oh sorry, so you'd be scheduling regular maintenance and repair trips? In geostationary........

Oh sorry, you couldn't be bothered to RTFA to answer your silly questions?

>> One tiny little question, the light pressure on this giant solar array, how will it be.......

One tiny little question, did ya RTFA?

>> Wait, something so large and thin would......

Wait, something so easy as RTFA is too challenging, but spouting off about engineering issues, to which I'm sure you are an expert, not so much.... Hmmm!

>> But isn't the Earth under imminent threat of being wiped out by the......

But isn't Earth under imminent threat from ignorant people who don't RTFA before spouting off??

Comment Re:So..... (Score 1) 445

They know that this will not solve the problem, and are waiting for you to provide them with a creative solution.

Since you haven't gotten around to supplying them with your enlightened solution, they are going to have to move forward with plan B.

Not sure what makes people think there is a magical "them" that come up with solutions, and if everyone sits around taking no action, "them" will come through for "us". Looks to me like the FAA and FBI are taking the stance that magic just isn't going solve this one, so they are trying a tactic, popular or not.\

Submission + - Self-Driving Car Faces Off Against Pro on Thunderhill Racetrack

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Rachel Swaby writes that a self-driving car and a seasoned race-car driver recently faced off at Northern California's three-mile Thunderhill Raceway loop. The autonomous vehicle is a creation from the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS). "We tried to model [the self-driving car] after what we've learned from the best race-car drivers," says Chris Gerdes. So who won? Humans, of course. But only by a few measly seconds. "What the human drivers do is consistently feel out the limits of the car and push it just a little bit farther," explained Gerdes. "When you look at what the car is capable of and what humans achieve, that gap is really actually small." Because the self-driving car reacts to the track as if it were controlled in real time by a human, a funny thing happens to passengers along for the ride. Initially, when the car accelerates to 115 miles per hour and then breaks just in time to make it around a curve, the person riding shotgun freaks out. But a second lap looks very different. Passengers tend to relax, putting their faith in the automatically spinning wheel. "We might have a tendency to put too much confidence in it," cautioned Gerdes. "Watching people experience it, they'll say, oh, that was flawless." Gerdes reaction: "Wait wait! This was developed by a crazy professor and graduate students!""

Comment Re:Error My Ass (Score 1) 1005

I wonder if they sat down and hashed out what type of fight it was going to be. Evidently based on your rant, every fight is a fist fight unless both parties loudly announce to the other if they have an object like a lead pipe, knife, or a gun, so that the other party can call time-out and "make things fair" before continuing.

Not posted anonymously as I understand the world we live in a little better than you, which is, "there is no fair fight".

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