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Comment Re:Why conceal it? (Score 4, Insightful) 740

I don't believe the dangers of GMOs are from a health standpoint.

The main danger of GMOs is the social effect on small farmers being forced out of the business by companies like Monsanto. This is a real problem that affects farmers in many many countries where IP law is being used to bully the small guy into paying the big multi-national or go out of business.

But again its not so much the technologies, but the legal framework around it that is causing this problem.

Comment Re:Can anyone explain to me why... (Score 1) 180

Violence is always rationalized one way or another.

To members of ISIS their violence is as rational as those Buddhist monks killing off civilians of particular ethnicities (the term for this is "Genocide").

The problem here is fanaticism and sectarianism. Recent political events in the US show that it would easily happen here as well if the people could get away with it (just like it did during the "lynching" era).

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