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Comment Re:Perspective, Please! (Score 1) 103

Even so, the premise of the stupid comment above is that its hubris to consider a telescope the size of the earth as a big telescope. But I can see the sun with no telescope at all, probably even from the centre of the milky way. So the idea that a telescope the size of the earth is not "big" when trying to look at an object that is 17x *BIGGER* than the sun, is kind of idiotic, no? I mean, I don't know all the calculations, but it strikes me as stupid.

Comment They are fooling themselves (Score 1) 98

Have they considered that unless they trust the compiler, they can't trust that the final product will do what the source code says? What if they are given the source to the compiler, how are they going to trust the compiler they use to compile that? I suppose they could move to an open source compiler, which maybe can be trusted, but of course they won't, they'll use Microsoft's compiler won't they. And if the NSA was really deeply embedded in MS, they could have this all stitched up so that the source code is compiled and doesn't do what it claims to do. Sorry China, you are ignorant and you fail.

Comment Again? [facepalm] (Score 0) 84

Every few months for the past 20 years there is some news article that IBM has found a way to store data in some strange new way. I remember decades ago something about storing data in crystals with lasers or some shit. Yet what technology are we using today? The same as 20 years ago, semiconductors and disk drives. Can IBM please STFU until they have a shippable product?

Comment Done it already (Score 1) 383

It's already possible. People have booted up Windows 95 on their Apple Watch. It's just not enormously practical. For one things, apps tend to work better together when they agree on things... things to do with the OS. Secondly, input devices. You can run Windows on your apple watch, but there is no mouse. Thirdly, performance.. the more different the platform the more emulation has to be done. Fourthly, intellectual property. Simulating the OS is a lot of work (Wine), and running it in an emulator hurts performance and gives a disjointed experience.

But... it can be done.

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