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Comment Not much application (Score 1) 374

If you're working for Oracle and coding the Oracle database and are looking for an algorithm to squeeze a bit more performance out of the engine, go ahead and buy the book, you might find something in there. But most programmers are using sets and dictionaries in their chosen programming language that has a decent implementation of algorithms and won't be helped by some algorithm which might squeeze a few more cycles out of the computer but nobody will reward you for. The Knuth book is for high fliers and hard core computer science projects, not for your average programmer.

Comment Re:Are we there yet? (Score 1) 203

Well.. can the IRS prove much if you are shoving money into and out of these accounts? All the actual bitcoin transactions I presume are beyond their knowledge, they will only find out the interface with real money, when you deposit and take out. Unless are claiming to be dirt poor with unexplained millions sloshing about this probably won't affect you.

Comment Re:The choice (Score 1) 220

Manufacturer support? When I get an iPhone I know Apple will support it for at least 4 years, maybe more, and they've got the $$$ to pull off that promise. And my apps and data are highly likely to have a migration path to the next device. By contrast, the fact that something like 1% of Android users are on the latest version is an indication of the level of support from other vendors.

Don't get me wrong, I wish Android was better. In some ways it is better than IOS. But until the manufacturers support the product for whole of life and onto the next device, I am not diving in.

Comment Re:POWAR TO THE PEOPLE! (Score 1) 609

Well.. the UK is not a democracy. It's a parliamentary democracy. Ultimate power is the parliament, and there is basically nothing they can't legislate. Some have said the UK should get a written constitution, but it's hard to even see how it could legally come into being since a later parliament could repeal it.

Comment Should copy osx (Score 1) 515

It's hard to keep such a large project going and with direction when no-one is getting paid and no-one is in charge. If instead they copied osx, there'd be instant and clear direction, like the kernel, there'd be instant commercial software, there'd be little arguments in the mailing lists, and people wanting to contribute would have a clear blueprint of what to do.

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