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Comment Re:so is there a good theory? (Score 1) 470

It's not so much that someone predicted dark matter, and the observable universe backs up the theory. Rather the theory of gravity doesn't match the observable universe, so some scientists came up with a total fudge factor called dark matter to match up with what is observed. Bit of a difference, huh!

Comment Re:Really ? (Score 1) 25

They're only forcing ATS on apps where it is appropriate. Like where the developer controls their own server. Obviously forcing ATS onto something like say, Chrome browser whose reason for being is to connect to random servers, isn't caught up in this. Apple aren't completely stupid, even though they can be bloody annoying at times.

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 184

No, (d) is the correct answer. You've then got 4 possible lines of defence:

(i) I tried to comply but I guess I forgot.
(ii) Maybe the phone has a problem and corrupted the data.
(iii) Maybe the police or some 3rd party changed the code.
(iv) Maybe this phone isn't actually my phone, it's a similar phone that has been switched.

(d) throws a lot of obfuscation into the mix that should be enough to get him off.

Comment Re:Both sides get to see the evidence (Score 1) 184

Well yeah, but, this guy is perfectly willing to turn over everything he's got, including the smartphone. He's just not willing to help them interpret what the 1s and 0s on it mean by decrypting it for them.

Think about stenography for a moment. You can never prove if there is anything interesting in a stenographic piece of data. What if he revealed the passcode, then there was a hidden 2nd level of passcode with the REAL data? Or a 3rd level? The judge could hold you in jail because he thinks there is a 4th level when there isn't.

It's a real minefield to try and put people in jail because you won't tell them stuff.

Comment Unconstitutional? (Score 1) 123

I'm guessing the courts would rule this law unconstitutional as abusing the separation of government and judiciary, but until someone can figure out how to get that question to the Supreme court, who knows what abuses will take place.

And if you raised the question of whether it is legal, haven't you already raised the issue itself contrary to the law? I can't imagine any judge accepting this nonsense.

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