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Comment Re:Hope you enjoy being broke (Score 1) 552

I would rather not go to a performance with my phone locked up - even if I never took the phone out once. It's way too much an invasion of piracy.

Fixed that for you.

None of your information, private or otherwise, is being taken. It's preventing you from taking something from the show, either in the form of the artist's performance or your fellow attendee's ability to enjoy it.

Comment Re:I'm I the only one (Score 1) 256

And then they came out with Tide Pods, breaking them into smaller, transportable, unmarked (so they're easily...laundered) denominations. Who wouldn't love to control the supply of a universally demanded trade-able product with a stable intrinsic value?

I wonder when the Federal Reserve is going to bust up Proctor and Gamble for trying to nose in on their racket.

Comment Re:Wow .... (Score 1) 155

Imagine, a seasoning which turned your tough steak back from being shoe leather.

I wonder what wacky applications chefs will come up with for this one. I can see some of the molecular gastronomy folks doing some odd things.

From the article: "he and his colleagues add a urea substance that chews away at the whites, liquefying the solid material." I'm sure if you send that overdone steak back to the kitchen, the chef would be happy to apply the finest urea available to remedy the situation.

But actually, the process won't return the steak back to uncooked meat, it would turn the steak back to protein soup.

Comment Completely missing the impact of this finding! (Score 1) 140

I can't believe discussion on this topic turned into a heated debate on consciousness and metaphysics, ignoring the explosive impact this research will have on the sex toy industry, especially for the fellas.

No longer will man have to rely on his imagination to put life into the can of Pillsbury biscuit dough he's humping (or the silicon equivalent of the same technology). With the new Thrust Delaying harness your Canned Tang, Handee Man, Li'l Tugger, and Bone Cone can take on a spooky life of it's own! Dial up the delay and you'll think Patrick Swayze was giving you a reach-around via Woopie Goldberg! That's some stranger danger you can feel safe about!

Why stop there? Hook it up to an amp so you can control the volume and tone of your thrusts and plug in some effect pedals to play with the peak and trough of your strokes!

Truly a great landmark day in the history of onanism. Hopefully this will herald growth and innovation (like cotton in a cotton gin) instead of isolating pain and humiliation (like a penis in a cotton gin).

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