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Comment Re: Phishing is good (Score 1) 250

HTTPS was a badly realized afterthought and it bites people all the time. I wonder if this problem can be solved at all.

The intention of HTTPS was only to provide secure communication between the client and server.

Saying it was horribly designed afterthought because it doesn't verify the owner of the server is simply false. That was never the point. That may have been something the CAs propped up, and then browsers started blocking use of self-signed certs. So now we're back at square one, as LetsEncrypt now offers a no cost solution to replace self-signed certs.

This is what LetsEncrypt believes, as well. The entire point of LetsEncrypt is to allow everyone to securely communicate with their own sites, free from spying of ${GOVERNMENT_ENTITY} or malicious hackers.

We simply need some other way to identify if a website is who it says it is. HTTPS was never meant for that, despite what the CAs have led you to believe.

Comment Re: Microwave popcorn is cutting edge (Score 1) 213

Indeed, it's a matter of preference.

I like it Air Popped because I don't like a lot of toppings. Just a light drizzle of olive oil and a light dusting of sea salt.

I usually only have a small amount at a time. I'm not a fan of forever digging bits of kernel shells out of my teeth.

Comment Re: Microwave popcorn is cutting edge (Score 2) 213

I prefer air popped, personally.

We just got a new air popper because the top part melted on the old one to the point it no longer properly diverted the corn to the bowl. It was a cheap $15 unit we got over 10 years ago.

The benefit of air popped is you have the ability to easily control how much (or little) oil/butter/salt/topping is on your popcorn. Still get some unpopped kernels, though.

Comment Re: We've known this for years (Score 1) 352

It's not all it's cracked up to be.

Our Premier is on a rampage to "fix" our economy by selling off all of our Provincially owned utility companies (or "crown corps", power, heat, telephone companies). They keep cutting funds from Health Care, Education, and Infrastructure. Our current deficit (around $1.2 Billion) is entirely our current government's problem, as they didn't have much of a deficit when they gained power in 2008.

We're actually looking into moving out to Nova Scotia. Better health care programs (my son is a Type 1 Diabetic), better co-pay insurance, similar housing prices, similar cost of living to SK, and just a "little" more snow during the winter.

Comment Re: We've known this for years (Score 4, Insightful) 352

I commented the below comment in the last /. post about DST:

As someone even more North than you (Canadian Prairies), it doesn't make any sense... sun is still down when most people go to work, and sun goes back down again before most people are done work.

Shifting it an hour really has no benefit when you only get 7 hours of daylight in the winter.

In the Summer it's opposite. Sun comes up between 5-6 am, sets around 10pm.

With that said, where I live, we don't have DST and I'm damn glad we don't.

It's largely a regional thing, based on where you are geographically. This is why generalized discussions about DST don't make sense. Everyone lives in different area's both on the horizontal and vertical axis.

In other words, your experience is not my experience. How about we quit arguing about it and get on with our lives?

Comment Re: SAVING (Score 1) 228

Seasons are relative, too.

We're in the middle of a snow storm. It was -30 deg C here today.

We generally get snow storms until the last week of May, sometimes into June.

Then summer (up to +45 deg C) until mid-late September and then we get crappy weather again.

Honestly time the sun rises and sets in the fall and spring doesn't matter when its too cold to be outside anyway.

Comment Re: The cloud (Score 1) 235

No such thing as unlimited.

You will hit a limit if you're paying $4 a month for a shitty web host to run your businesses critical infrastructure.

I own a web hosting business, but even I know when a professional mail service is necessary, and I run mail servers for many of my clients.

Also, $1000/yr for the parent poster to add/remove a few users is $83.33/month on average. That's a lot for doing a whole lot of nothing.

My clients pay about a $1 a mailbox per month. They have the ability to add and remove their own users, so I rarely get a call. My mail servers are in a cluster across three datacenters. Each mailbox receives around 10GB on average, though its adjustable/negotiable based on the clients needs.

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