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Comment Re:A big flop (Score 1) 206

The real benefit with an unlocked phone is not having to startup a new contract just because you want another phone. If you're already paying for the smart phone plan, you should be able to pick up whatever phone you want as long as it works with that network. Freeing the device from the carrier would probably be one of the best things for the market and for customers as it promotes consumer freedom and market innovation, competition, and hopefully standards.

Study Says US Needs Fewer Science Students 551

cremeglace writes "It's an article of faith: the United States needs more native-born students in science and other technical fields. But a new paper by sociologists at the Urban Institute and Rutgers University contradicts the notion of a shrinking supply of native-born talent in the United States. In fact, the supply has actually remained steady over the past 30 years, the researchers conclude, while the highest-performing students in the pipeline are opting out of science and engineering in greater numbers than in the past, suggesting that the threat to American economic competitiveness comes not from inadequate science training in school and college but from a lack of incentives that would make science and technology careers attractive. Cranking out even more science graduates, according to the researchers, does not give corporations any incentive to boost wages for science/tech jobs, which would be one way to retain the highest-performing students."

Why the Google Android Phone Isn't Taking Off 745

Hugh Pickens writes "Farhad Manjoo writes in Slate that while the iPhone commands nearly 14 percent of smartphone sales and BlackBerry about 21 percent, Android has only 3 percent. And even though Android is far friendlier to developers, it has failed to attract anywhere near the number of apps now clogging the iPhone. Manjoo writes that Google went wrong by giving handset manufacturers and carriers too much control over the design and marketing of Android phones so there is no idealized 'Google phone' — instead, Android devices get names like the T-Mobile G1 or the myTouch 3G, and each is marketed separately and comes with its own distinct capabilities and shortcomings. 'Outside handset manufacturers lack ambition — -none of them even seems to be trying to match the capabilities of the iPhone, let alone to knock us down with features that far surpass those of Apple's device,' writes Manjoo. 'A smart handset manufacturer could build a top-of-the-line Android device that outshines Apple's phone in at least a few areas — better battery life, a much better Web browser, a brighter or bigger screen, faster or more functional controls... something that might help Android inspire gadget lust. But so far, that's not happening.' John Gruber echoes this advice and adds this advice to Android manufacturers: 'If Apple is BMW, you can be Porsche.'"

Submission + - New Zealand SPAM and Txt Laws Passed

kitanai writes: The New Zealand Parliament has passed into law a new bill which will see electronic advertisers required to provide accurate information about their identity as well as clear opt-out information. From the release from the Beehive: "The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 aims to prevent New Zealand becoming a haven for spammers.......It applies to all emails, texts and instant messages that market or promote goods, services, and other schemes of a commercial or dishonest nature. ".

Comment Pocket Watch (Score 1) 1369

I got tired of regular watch getting caught on drywall as I was installing networks at work, so I bought a pocket watch to free up my wrist. I really have enjoyed it and still use it now that I'm programming full-time.

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