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Submission + - Exxon's Continuing Dirty Tricks: suing the Rockefellers

DavidHumus writes: Today's New York Times has an interesting article — — about how Exxon — descendant of Standard Oil — a company founded by John D. Rockefeller — is suing his descendants because of their work exposing Exxon's duplicity in denying climate change.

One interesting admission the company makes is that " stopped funding the organizations that promote climate denial in the mid-2000s."

Comment Re:Campaign Finance Laws anyone? (Score 1) 331

I understand that spouting off without the least idea of what you're talking about is par for the course on Slashdot but, if you had made the slightest effort to contaminate your information-free environment by actually looking at the site, you'd see that it has a daily limit you can set.

Submission + - Windows 10 Anniversary Update Borks Dual-Boot Partitions (

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that the latest version of Microsoft’s OS has attention issues. Not content with forcing itself on users who didn’t want it, it may be taking even more drastic steps of hosing other operating systems entirely!

A handful of reports surfacing on social media suggest, anecdotally, that the Windows 10 anniversary may interfere with, affect and even delete other partitions on the same disk.

Submission + - FAA authorizes private robotic space shot to the moon (

coondoggie writes: he Federal Aviation Administration this week granted permission to a privately-held space firm to launch a robotic spacecraft to the moon. Moon Express expects to launch its MX-1 spacecraft on a two-week mission to the lunar surface in 2017. The MX-1, which is about as large as a suitcase will include instruments and a camera to explore the moon’s surface.

Submission + - NVIDIA's Pascal-Based Titan X Tested, Expensive But Dominates Benchmarks (

MojoKid writes: NVIDIA took the wraps off its new Pascal-based, flagship graphics card, dubbed the Titan X, a couple of weeks ago, but only pictures and specifications were available. NVIDIA Titan X cards are now shipping in limited quantities, however, and the benchmark numbers are in. The new Titan X (the company kept the same branding as its previous Maxwell-based Titan), based on NVIDIA's Pascal architecture, is some 60 percent faster than its older, Maxwell-based Titan counterpart and 20 – 30 percent faster than the new GeForce GTX 1080. On board Titan X are 1024 more CUDA cores versus a GeForce GTX 1080 (3584 versus 2560) and a wider 384-bit GDDR5X memory bus versus the 1080's 256-bit interface. Though the Titan X has the same memory clock as a GTX 1080, it has 12GB of GDDR5X memory, versus 8GB on the 1080. In testing, nothing can touch it and there's still additional headroom for overclocking. The new Titan X's $1200 price point, however, will give even hardcore gamers sticker shock. For graphics professionals and deep learning applications it could be a reasonably good value though, versus pro graphics GPUs.

Submission + - PGP Key of President of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound Trivially Factored

An anonymous reader writes: One of seven keys recently found to be trivially factorable by the Phuctor belongs to Mahmood Khadeer, President of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound. Khadeer's key and the others appear to have been generated with PGP software that utilized a null random number generator based on the way they were factored.

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