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Submission + - China Corners Rare Earth Metals Market (

copponex writes: It looks like there is another achilles heel in massive outsourcing. From CNN: "China has secured 97 percent of the production of these [rare earth] minerals, which are used in nearly every electronic device, cell phones, computer hard drives and guided missiles." According to the GAO, rebuilding a domestic rare earths mining industry could take 15 years.
The Military

Submission + - Guantanamo: Interrogation Techniques Made in China

copponex writes: In an ultimate irony, it has been revealed that interrogation techniques used inside Guantanamo are based from experience in the Korean War, modeling Chinese torture methods. The only change from the chart created in 1957, copied verbatim and used at the prison, is the title, which used to be "Communist Coercive Methods for Eliciting Individual Compliance." Even more shocking is the fact that they were designed to illicit false information.
The Military

Submission + - US Has Spent 400 Million on Iranian War Already

copponex writes: Looks like we're at it again: the New Yorker reports that President Bush sought and received 400 million dollars for covert operations against Iran last year. And if that's not enough deja vu for you, they have rejected the findings from US intelligence that claims Iran has halted their nuclear weapons programs. The last commander of CENTCOM, Admiral William Fallon, resigned under pressure after publicly denouncing a possible attack on Iran, and it looks like the only group of people dumb enough to continue with a full scale assault are within the White House itself — against the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the intelligence community, and even their new Secretary of Defense.

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