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Submission + - DARPA scheme would let high-tech systems "see" as never before (

coondoggie writes: Researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency want to build extremely small light detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems — which use light to image objects and their motions like RADAR systems use radio waves – to enable a host of new applications that would let high-tech systems “see” as they never have before.

Submission + - TSA offers Super Bowl air travel tips: NO AIR HORNS!? (

coondoggie writes: Pretty much if you are flying into New Jersey for the Super Bowl just bring as little as possible on the airplane with you (or into the stadium for that matter). But if you just can't help yourself and feel the need to bring along a little something extra, the Transportation Security Administration this week issued a little helpful advice on what NOT to bring on the airplane.

Submission + - DARPA targets $4.8M to close backdoor security problems (

coondoggie writes: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has written a check for $4.8 million to Raytheon BBN Technologies and GrammaTech to build software that blocks backdoor security holes in commodity network devices. The contract falls under DARPA's Vetting Commodity IT Software and Firmware (VET) program which address the threat of malicious code hidden in mobile phones, network routers, computer workstations and other networked devices can be secretly modified to function in unintended ways or spy on users.

Submission + - White House wants 5,000 veterans in wireless tech jobs by 2015 (

coondoggie writes: The White House today said it strengthened the nonprofit program aimed at getting veterans and returning service members jobs in the hot wireless telecommunications arena. “Warriors 4 Wireless,” brings together government agencies and private companies such as Cisco, American Tower, Dynis, and PCIA to offer job training and placement services.

Submission + - NASA: On millions of teeny-tiny copper hairs and orbital debris (

coondoggie writes: Imagine 500 million short copper wires — no longer than the tip of your index finger — floating in space creating what amounts to an antenna belt that could be used to send messages and conduct other space communications research. That would describe the 1960s era Project Space Needles or Project West Ford as it was sometimes called that NASA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last undertook in 1963 which saw the blasting of millions of those copper hairs into space. NASA's Orbital Debris Program Office this month did a "Where are they now" look at those copper wires and said that after 50 years, some of them indeed still make up a small amount of orbital debris.

Submission + - Vinyl records fight digital death (

coondoggie writes: GZ Media located in the central area of the Czech Republic, has been in the vinyl record business for 61 years and says it is now the world's biggest vinyl record producer, working for industry giants like Sony Music and Universal Records. Vinyl sales continue to resist the threat posed to them by digital music. In fact Nielsen SoundScan says nearly 3 million vinyl LPs have been sold in the U.S. in 2013.

Submission + - In a room with no cell service, Verizon works on the future of mobile (

coondoggie writes: If you think your house has bad cellular coverage, Verizon Wireless has you beat: A small, windowless room high up in a San Francisco office building gets no service at all. That's not because carriers are neglecting the bustling South of Market business district where the room is located. Instead, it's because Verizon is paying so much attention to what's going on there.

Submission + - A million little computers: Factory turns out millionth Raspberry Pi ( 2

coondoggie writes: One million Raspberry Pi mini-computers have been built at an advanced factory located in the Welsh town of Pencoed by Premier Farnell and RS Components, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced today. Initial production of the bare-bones system boards – designed for embedded use and as a low-cost educational tool – took place mostly in China, but the foundation’s hardware partners began to shift operations to the Sony-run Pencoed facility 13 months ago. (A distinct model made by Egoman – distinguished by its red-colored circuit board – is still manufactured in and sold exclusively to the Chinese market.)

Submission + - NASA Jupiter-bound spacecraft will slingshot around Earth, gain 11,000 MPH (

coondoggie writes: NASA said its Juno spacecraft will swing by Earth tomorrow to grab gravity boosts that will slingshot it to its ultimate destination: Jupiter. NASA said that on Oct. 9 the four-ton Juno will make its closest approach to Earth — 350 miles above South Africa at about 3:20 EDT. According to NASA, when Juno was launched toward Jupiter on August 5, 2011, its rocket provided Juno enough speed to reach the asteroid belt, at which point the Sun's gravity pulled it back toward the inner solar system.

Submission + - National Archives wants your online vote for iconic American rights exhibit (

coondoggie writes: It's not too often the public gets to pick what the central component of a major museum exhibit but that's what the National Archives has in mind. The agency has opened an online poll known as the Records of Rights where "history buffs, students, service organizations, and anyone else can choose the opening document to be displayed in the David M. Rubenstein Gallery

Submission + - IBM follows Cisco in partnering with Continental to build networked car tech (

coondoggie writes: IBM this week signed up with Continental — Europe's second largest car parts company — to jointly develop automated automobile technology. In the IBM/Continental agreement the companies said they would look to develop a variety of technologies that would automate many different auto tasks. For example the companies said they would build a scalable cloud platform will enable software updates and vehicle control device features to be delivered over the Internet, reducing costly and inconvenient workshop visits, the companies said.

Submission + - We all may have a little Martian in us (

coondoggie writes: Men are supposed to be from Mars as John Gray's iconic relationship book would have you think, but new research presented this week suggests that in reality; we all may hail from the Red Planet.

"The evidence seems to be building that we are actually all Martians; that life started on Mars and came to Earth on a rock. It's lucky that we ended up here nevertheless, as certainly Earth has been the better of the two planets for sustaining life. If our hypothetical Martian ancestors had remained on Mars, there might not have been a story to tell." Professor Steven Benner of The Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology

Submission + - DHS chief Napolitano to successor: "You will need a large bottle of Advil" (

coondoggie writes: he outgoing Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano told a gathering at the at the National Press Club this week that the United States will among other security challenges — "face a major cyber event that will have a serious effect on our lives, our economy, and the everyday functioning of our society." Nice words her potential replacement, who hasn't been named yet, will love to hear no doubt.

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