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Comment Re:That's nice (Score 4, Informative) 142

Six years is considered "good" by Apple customers? Really? Do y'all only wear your clothes once and buy new cars every year? Just before posting this (insightful) comment, I just purchased a bunch of refurbished mission critical equipment for our business (workstations and servers), all of which are older than 6 years old, and running OS's that are more than 6 years old (Windows 7 for the workstations). Apple's lack of support is a big reason why we don't use their hardware/software.

Comment Re:A pity, but not a surprise (Score 1) 95

I see it as you're helping out Amazon for free. It used to be that retailers had product knowledge, and helped their customers choose products. Now, people such as yourself do it for Amazon for free, and Amazon reaps all of the rewards. You don't feel cheated, in that you give away your time for free, and Amazon makes money off of it?

Submission + - SPAM: Cards of Humanity Digs a Holiday Hole

DogDude writes: The makers of Cards Against Humanity does an annual holiday stunt, and this year, they dug a Holiday Hole. People sent them money, and in return, they dug a hole. That's it.
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