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Comment 30% is a lot of money (Score 3, Informative) 336

Amazon gets 30% of everything sold there. There's HUGE incentive for them to let anybody sell whatever they want because:
- 30% is a lot. Last I checked, it was 30% of the sale price AND shipping
- Amazon doesn't make anywhere near 30% on just about everything else they sell, themselves. Much of their stuff is sold at a loss.

Now why somebody would want to give up 30% of the price (PLUS shipping) is beyond me. There are very few things that have the kind of markup it would take to make any money after that huge commission. I suppose that there's always somebody dumb enough to think that if you somehow sell enough stuff for a loss, eventually, you'll make money...?

Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 1) 644

See, that's the thing. He hasn't made "horribly, horrible policy". He didn't start any unnecessary wars. He didn't significantly take away the rights of regular people. He didn't increase taxes on poor people. He didn't embarrass the US. So, for somebody to say that he has made "horrible, horrible" policy, says that that person is either a racist, or a moron.

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