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Comment Re:Reckless endangerment (Score 1) 208

It's not messed up. Well, not always. When you talk about intent, you're confusing conviction and sentencing.

Consider drink driving. If you get pulled over and blow over the limit, it's not exactly crime of the century. If you're drunk and you run over a pedestrian, it's a far more serious matter. Having said that, there are plenty of examples of habitual drunk drivers receiving custodial sentences, while a first time offender who runs someone over escapes jail.

Sentencing has to consider culpability, the prospect of rehabilitation, the rights of the victims, the need to protect society, and a range of other factors. It's not uncommon for an attempted murder to attract a more severe punishment than an actual murder.

Comment Re:This Announcement Hot on Heels of Bilderbergers (Score 2) 759

I didn't forget it, this calculation is based on instantaneous or average power, so EROI of the panels isn't relevant . . . nevertheless . . .


It turns out the EROI break even point for poly- and monocrystalline panels is 4-7 years over a lifespan of 20 - 30 years and for lower cost thin-film panels it's 2-4 years over a lifespan of 10-15, assuming installation outside the arctic / antarctic circle.

Comment Re:This Announcement Hot on Heels of Bilderbergers (Score 5, Informative) 759


United States area = 9 trillion square meters (approximate)
United states average insolation over 24hrs = 100w (pessimistic)
United States average energy draw all forms of energy = 3.4 trillion watts
Photovoltaic conversion factor = 15% (pessimitistic)

area * insolation * conversion factor = 135 trillion watts average over 24hrs

135 trillion watts > 3.4 trillion watts, even given these wildy pessimistic assumptions.

of course covering the whole of the USA with solar panels is ridiculous, then you have storage to deal with, but yeah, your sums are out by several orders of magnitude.

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