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Comment TANJ (Score 1) 528

As an American Felon, you don't get to serve on juries. They'll still make you come in to tell you that though. You don't get paid for that but you do have to miss work.

Oh well, still better than the nullified civil rights thing.

Comment Re:Stephen Fry's previous good stuff: gnu bday (Score 1) 126

Freedom *is* the ability to do things. A phone that I can compile a kernel module for lets me do a lot more things than one where I may purchase pre-approved entertainment centric apps.

1700s: "Give me freedom or give me death!"

2000s: "Give me freedom or... oooh, is that an iPhone?"

/me slowly turns into RMS.

Comment Re:Ok, but (Score 1) 1138

I certainly meant no disparagement. The OP implied that if you were even 10% below average intelligence, you could never pass a Calculus class. I think the deal with calc is that it's pretty hard to teach but once you understand it, it can seem fundamental and simple.

I'm not sure if there are different kinds of intelligence. I'd like to think that the human mind is at least equivalent to (and likely a super set of) a Turing machine. Then the difference would really be one of inclination. People excel at what they are actually interested in. I probably couldn't pass a Business class to save my life.

Comment Re:Here's the world's smallest violin... (Score 1) 249

Not all felons have caused actual damage to society. Felonies are handed out to enemies of the state as a way of labeling them, keeping them out of the middle class no matter how hard they work. People are denied lawyers. Cops and other witnesses sometimes lie.

Or would you rather believe that we have 1/4 of the world's prison population because Americans are just more likely to be criminals?

A Felon

Comment NoScript (Score 1) 747

NoScript supports javascript surrogates now. So you could actually run replacement versions of commonly used scripts. There's not much of a ui to it yet but I just checked about:config and it looks like I'm already doing this.

Stallman is once again unpopular but correct.


Spitzer's 5-Gigapixel Milky Way 124

James Harold writes "Today NASA unveiled a new infrared mosaic of our galaxy. The result of over 800,000 individual images collected by the Spitzer Space Telescope, it is the largest, highest-resolution, and most sensitive infrared picture ever taken of the Milky Way (and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future). Because Spitzer sees in infrared, it penetrates much farther into the galaxy, revealing previously hidden star clusters, star-forming regions, shocked gases, glowing 'bubbles' and more. The complete mosaic is about 400,000 by 13,000 pixels, and a 180' printed version is being shown at the American Astronomical Society meeting in St. Louis. A zoomable, annotated version of two different variants on the image (as well as some additional information on the science) is available at Alien Earths, a NASA- and NSF-supported education site." The Spitzer survey is already causing a stir potentially bigger than that raised when Pluto was deemed not a planet: two minor spiral arms of the Milky Way may be demoted.

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