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Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 2) 217

4) create a secret shopper program where well-qualified 'testers' apply for jobs and if they are turned down, an OFFICIAL (and expensive, if the company is found to be fraudulently rejecting locals) investigation would occur. one that has PUBLIC RESULTS POSTED for anyone to see. public shaming, big-time, for violators.

without a secret shopper program, there's no good way to keep the fucking companies honest. they'll continue to pay lawyers to find loopholes. but if they are publicly shamed, they'll stop. guaranteed!

Comment Re:So Oracle discriminated (Score 4, Insightful) 310

I worked at sun for about 5 years and was let go when oracle bought sun.

I worked at the menlo park main campus. I am older than 50 and I'm white. during my 5 years there, I got good reviews and was the main guy for one of the products (software) that ships on sun servers.

all you have to do is walk around the outside of any major silicon valley campus and you'll see the same thing over and over. yes, its mostly indian and we all know this, even though the media does not want to outright say it.

and I'm 90% certain that I was let go because all the rest of my group was indian and I was making a good salary there.

it happens to me at almost every place I'm at, these days. the inevitable firing when the numbers from the company go downward and they need a quick 'profit boost' by letting go of the senior and well-paid engineers. this rarely happens to the indians, though.

Comment Re:But why? (Score 0, Troll) 336

there was a time, more than 20 years ago, when slash was very liberal.

now, we're invaded by the conservatives and any post that tried to further the progressive belief system gets modded down.

what a shame that we have been infiltrated like this. as a technology-based and focused site, we historically were open minded THINKERS, here.

shame that we got invaded by the faux news crowd. ;(

Comment Re:But why? (Score 0) 336

why do you think the D's want to keep the poor in their place?

I'm not sure I see that. the rich want to stay rich, no matter what letter they have, but there is no central principle in the D belief system that the poor should always stay poor. that just isn't true at all.

the D's have many problems, but hatred of the poor is NOT one of them. they could do a lot more to help the social situation, but at least they're not fundamentally opposed to it like the R's are.

Comment Re:Just when you thought (Score 1) 207

what is a speaker and a mic? I leave both turned off on my pc. when I want to listen to music, I run a linux box that does not have a browser or normal network access enabled. and there is never a mic on a music playback system that I build or use.

I block ads and each time I read things like this article, it increases my belief that blocking ads is the right thing to do. I block incoming network connections at the firewall and nearly everyone does, too; but I find it odd that not everyone wants to fight ads as much. 'we' do, but the regular net-using populace doesn't usually care. I rarely see adblockers and noScript installed at co-workers workstations.

and because the raw web is nasty and dangerous - and because blocking is much harder on 'phones', I avoid using phone browsers. its rarely a good experience (mobile web) anyway.

there really are 2 classes of internet users. those like me (and probably you) who aggressively block this crap and those who could not care less. such a shame that people don't univerally fight back.

ads are malware. plain and simple. people really need to get hip to that fact.

Comment Re:But why? (Score -1, Flamebait) 336

republicans are kept under the illusion that 'everyone can achieve the 'american dream' of being ultra rich, but its a fallacy and there are guards (literal and figurative) in place to stop you and I from getting there.

the authoritarian belief system is very powerful and is backed by Big Religion(tm), which also basically owns the R party. funny how that works, huh?

as long as the R's keep thinking that 'its ok that people make 400x of what others make' then nothing will change. they don't believe in the ultra rich paying their fair share of the infrastructure; again, they put themselves in the place of the CEO, in their mind, and they think that if they were CEO, they'd also not want to give up any of their riches to the 'poor commoners'. its a brain disease of sorts, really. the walking retarded. the VOTING retarded! ;(

no, its absurd that we allow people to get so powerful AT THE EXPENSE OF US ALL. but again, we convince our own people (or about half of them) to consistently vote against their own best interests.

Comment Re: Lenovo lately (Score 1) 99

I have an L440 and its not bad, but it did come with that nutty touchpad. for $40 more, I could (and did) buy a direct replacement that had 3 real buttons. problem is, drivers for it are 'strange' and I can only access mine in a dumber mode. I never found the right win7 driver for that replaced pad. so it was actually a step backwards and while it kind of works and does look better (grin), its still not as good as if it came that way.

I have a t420is that is great. last of the real keyboards, had good port assortment and a useable 3button touchpad. since it was a current model, thru today, I only had to replace the dud fan/heatsink, and that was a $20 part from ebay and about 2 hours of time to get the tech ref manual and undo about 100 screws to get to it (sigh). after that, its good as new and good for another few years.

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