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Comment Re:So much for Apple's "better design" (Score 4, Informative) 188

"you're soldering it wrong"

isn't that what nvidia said?

these bga's really scare me. so fragile and so unworkable from a tech POV. I can rework square flat packs but I can't do bga's. I hate them since they are just not really repair-friendly, not to mention its not inspection-friendly.

flat packs with leads flex and bend. bga's are a fucking abortion, especially if they are at all big, in chip size.

Comment Re:The Graveyard of tech (Score 5, Interesting) 100

I worked for SGI in mtn view a few years before their demise.

one of the funnest places I was ever at. such a shame to see them go. even worse to think that google (puke!) took their campus over and its now run by ad-men, so to speak.

not to mention that traffic around shoreline area is a nightmare, all the way up rt 101 for several miles. thanks again, google ;(

sgi had class and created some stellar products. sadly, they went down a dark side with the WBT project (internally called 'wintel box thing' their x86 systems running modified NT and no BIOS).

but wow, working at sgi was so much fun. silicon valley used to be cool. now, its a fucking sweat shop for h1b's and 'social media' companies (double puke).

Comment Re:Let it go (Score 4, Interesting) 85

I use win7 for windows based things. I almost never have it access a public network, if I can help it.

I have turned off updates a year ago or more; when the ftdi-gate first happened, I gave up trusting any MS updates. with win10 madness, I was reassured my decision was still valid.

win7 is fine and if you avoid the bad patches and ignore updates, PLUS you stay the full off the internet and use linux or some other safer os to do online stuff, 'support' from MS is now meaningless.

I won't ever take another MS update. that ship has sailed. but again, I am careful not to put my machine online; which really was always the smart way to deal with windows.

Comment Re:Widely Used!!!! (Score 1) 446


right you are.

that should be a common battle cry.

oh, mr. gov - if you think the right of citizens to have privacy in comms is wrong, you go first, you asswipe SOB! lets see all your pillow talk and all your chatter, first. lets do that for, oh, say 5 years. lets see if anything bad happens in this testcase.

but you go first, since you are SO SURE its good for the world and society.

wait - what's that? you don't think 'little people' rules apply to you?

ah, you have just shown your hand.

go fuck yourself.

Comment Re:Widely Used!!!! (Score 1) 446


give that man a virtual cigar or beer.

info leaking is info leakage. even simple things may betray you.

the proper way to deal with modern life: you have to convince me WHY I should have to give you about about me. its not the other way around; anyone asking 'why NOT give me that info?' is an evil sonofabitch and does not deserve the time of day, in fact.

Comment Re:Markets Work, Bitches (Score 3, Insightful) 95

the rich are terribly addicted to power and control of fellow man.

I'd like to see a war on rich sociopaths. humanity would move up several degrees if we redistributed the weath these assholes are hoarding.

the middle and lower classes don't have life as good and so they endulge in things that numb the pain of life.

don't blame them. blame the ones who perpetually insist on having a lower class, and pushing us all down there, more and more over time.

there are many wars in classist societies. the war on 'drugs' is a false one and is a distraction to keep us from thinking of how much the 'haves' have. equalize things and stop insisting that people who like things you don't like should be put in prison.

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