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Comment Re:As an ex-cabbie... (Score 1) 445

the passengers are pre-identified (to sign up, they needed a cell phone, a credit card and a valid address to go with it), and the drivers are unknown (except to the companies, which do little or no effective screening). The vehicles used are unlikely to meet the requirements for taxi use, and are often flat-out unsafe for drivers, passengers, or bystanders.

If the passengers can be considered pre-identified because they have a credit card and billing address on file, how are drivers not pre-identified by the requirements of Uber? Uber may not mandate safety checks on the vehicle, but they do mandate that it be no older than a certain model year, and all drivers are tracked by a review system that quickly weeds out those that provide a sub-optimal experience. The big ride sharing companies are playing by different rules than taxi companies, but they are playing by a set of rules. Their success has shown that consumers prefer Uber/Lyft's coporate policies to the taxi regulations imposed by the government.

Comment Re:fostering a generation that cant cook. (Score 1) 148

If I don't know how to cook something I can find a step-by-step video or article telling me exactly how. Thanks to the internet, this knowledge isn't lost forever even if the required skills are a bit rusty. If this generation isn't cooking, I think it's more because they don't want to, not because they can't.

Comment Re:My Views (Score 1) 720

My best solution is that we have a tax on the wealthiest to subsidize those that don't have skills that don't allow them to hit pverty level.

We do. It's called the income tax. It's not always a large enough subsidy to bring low-earners up to the poverty line, but someone working full time at minimum wage is eligible for more in benefits than they're paying in taxes.

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