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Comment Re:more than just thinner (Score 1) 121

An isolated incident of catastrophic battery failure is very different from what appears to be a fundamental design flaw. Hell, it's even called out in the byline of the article you posted.

It’s a grim echo of the Note 7’s spontaneous combustion, but it’s probably not a problem on anything like the scale of Samsung’s

Comment Reasonable behavior from Amazon (Score 1) 48

Company offers a service. Company realizes service is not profitable. Company ceases offer of service.

What about those users who signed up for Kindle Unlimited purely for the offerings of these publishers? It's a monthly subscription. Cancel. From my own experience and from the anecdotal evidence I've heard, their customer service department is likely to offer you a pro-rated refund on the current month, if it really matters that much to you

Comment Re:Physics supports his hypothesis (Score 1) 222

Max LTE bandwidth (~10mbps) times 30 days is a bit over 3 TB of data. Verizon is being honest about the fact that they'd never be able to provide that. Neither could the other carriers, their marketing just ignores that fact (or hides the fact that their plan isn't really "unlimited").

They're also saying it's highly doubtful that you NEED 3TB of cellular data per month. If you do, it's not unreasonable that you should have to pursue a networking solution different than what your mom uses to browse Facebook on her iPad.

Comment Re:I can't use earbuds. (Score 1) 274

Still overkill, but here's a $50 case that adds less than 1/4" to the thickness of the phone and doubles capacity. That leaves it thinner than the iPhone 3G.

My point isn't that an external battery pack will solve every user's problems. I take issue with OPs the claim that the marketing and design staff of two of the largest electronics companies in the world are either incompetent or controlled by some vast conspiracy because they aren't making a phone that suits his needs.

Comment Re:I can't use earbuds. (Score 2) 274

Given a choice between a phone as thick as the previous generation that was reliable and had a longer battery life, pretty much any human being on the planet would choose a thicker phone.

For less than $30 you can buy a phone case with an integrated battery pack that will double the thickness of your phone (++structural integrity) and quadruple your battery capacity. If you're on an iPhone it'll even effectively replace your Lightning charge port with some variant of USB. These things aren't a big secret, and yet the vast majority of smartphone users don't seem to own one.

Why? Maybe it's because massively profitable consumer electronics companies are actually pretty good at reading the market, and people complaining about not having a massive battery in their phone are a niche.

Comment Re:Constitutional Rights (Score 1) 367

That's fair. So the FBI comes to you with their lawyer and their lawfully obtained search warrant you'll hand over your encryption keys? I think that's exactly what the federal government wants, but experience has taught all of us that in the real world people's reaction isn't "Oops, you got me, here are my keys."

Comment Re:As an ex-cabbie... (Score 1) 445

the passengers are pre-identified (to sign up, they needed a cell phone, a credit card and a valid address to go with it), and the drivers are unknown (except to the companies, which do little or no effective screening). The vehicles used are unlikely to meet the requirements for taxi use, and are often flat-out unsafe for drivers, passengers, or bystanders.

If the passengers can be considered pre-identified because they have a credit card and billing address on file, how are drivers not pre-identified by the requirements of Uber? Uber may not mandate safety checks on the vehicle, but they do mandate that it be no older than a certain model year, and all drivers are tracked by a review system that quickly weeds out those that provide a sub-optimal experience. The big ride sharing companies are playing by different rules than taxi companies, but they are playing by a set of rules. Their success has shown that consumers prefer Uber/Lyft's coporate policies to the taxi regulations imposed by the government.

Comment Re:fostering a generation that cant cook. (Score 1) 148

If I don't know how to cook something I can find a step-by-step video or article telling me exactly how. Thanks to the internet, this knowledge isn't lost forever even if the required skills are a bit rusty. If this generation isn't cooking, I think it's more because they don't want to, not because they can't.

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