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Comment Re:Well, once the panels are installed (Score 1) 415

When the NatGas Frackers came through my area, they employed a lot of people for a few years. Then the wells were built, and they moved to another state.

Are you sure about that? Where are you located? In most places, the frackers ceased operations because the price of oil fell through the floor and it stopped being economical to drill new wells.

Comment Re:So now I can't upgrade my graphics card (Score 1) 120

Try reading the summary next time.

The company has also confirmed that the redemption process permanently adds the game to the appropriate third-party service. For example, if users redeems a promotional game key through to Steam, that game will be useable on any other device, just like normal Steam games. Users can also opt to uninstall GFE, or install a different graphics card, once the promotional code has been redeemed and still retain full ownership of the game.

Comment Proof it's NOT a CIA inside job (Score 3, Insightful) 195

The proof that these clock failures aren't the result of some CIA meddling is that they haven't had any actual impact. A foreign government would want to take enough of these clocks offline to make the constellation fail, and they would want to make this happen at a time of their choosing. Ho do a few sporadic clock failures, some of which have already been fixed, benefit anyone?

Comment Re:They really should approve though (Score 1) 609

Are you saying that public opinion hasn't shifted, or that the legislative body should ignore it if it has? Parliament shouldn't be so reactionary that the course of the country is changing wildly on a weekly basis, but it also shouldn't be eternally bound to the outcome of a public opinion poll (which is what the referendum was) that was taken on one day in June 2016.

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