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Comment Re:They really should approve though (Score 1) 609

Are you saying that public opinion hasn't shifted, or that the legislative body should ignore it if it has? Parliament shouldn't be so reactionary that the course of the country is changing wildly on a weekly basis, but it also shouldn't be eternally bound to the outcome of a public opinion poll (which is what the referendum was) that was taken on one day in June 2016.

Comment Re:They really should approve though (Score 1) 609

In the interest of democracy it would be wrong for parliament to reverse a vote on the exact same question as was put to parliament

It's been months since the referendum. There's plenty of room to argue that the will of the people has changed in that time, and that it would be in the interest of democracy to reverse the vote.

Comment What's new here? (Score 2) 74

I took a trip 6 months ago and was able to use the Delta app to see updates on my bag status. It wasn't super granular - "bag checked in", "bag on plane ###", "bag on carousel" - but it was enough for me to know whether or not my bag was going to make my connection.

The big improvement here is that they're using RFID instead of relying on the baggage handler to scan the bar code.

Comment Re:more than just thinner (Score 1) 121

An isolated incident of catastrophic battery failure is very different from what appears to be a fundamental design flaw. Hell, it's even called out in the byline of the article you posted.

It’s a grim echo of the Note 7’s spontaneous combustion, but it’s probably not a problem on anything like the scale of Samsung’s

Comment Reasonable behavior from Amazon (Score 1) 48

Company offers a service. Company realizes service is not profitable. Company ceases offer of service.

What about those users who signed up for Kindle Unlimited purely for the offerings of these publishers? It's a monthly subscription. Cancel. From my own experience and from the anecdotal evidence I've heard, their customer service department is likely to offer you a pro-rated refund on the current month, if it really matters that much to you

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