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Comment Re: How about... (Score 1) 455

Doing 20 in a 60 is more dangerous then doing 80 in a 60.

By that logic, the most dangerous thing of all is to be stationary.

P.S. It's "than", not "then".

Depends upon where you are being stationary. On the couch watching Game of Thrones? Not too dangerous. Middle of a busy freeway in the fog? Slightly more so!

Comment Re:Can't believe they even considered it (Score 2) 150

bringing a baby that then starts wailing half way through the movie

I've never had a big problem with texters where I attend the movies, but nothing irritates me more than when some fucking moronic parents bring their toddler or younger child into the theater with them. The kid isn't going to pay attention to the movie and won't like being cooped up and sitting still for 2 hours, the parent isn't going to enjoy the movie while dealing with aforementioned squawking child, and everyone else that has to listen to the squawking are going to be pissed off.

If you can afford to go to the movies you can afford to hire a fucking babysitter.

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