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Comment Re:Cross Platform? (Score 1) 255

It seems to me that -- if these rumours have any truth to them -- MS might actually be trying to move the data processing away from the specific document (format), and indeed away from the application that handles that specific document format.

In stead the language used for processing of data will be an "umbrella language" that is tied closer to the OS than to any specfic application.

This could be a very good move.

But it still sucks that -- if these rumours have any truth to them -- I'll have to rewrite lots and lots of very neat and unbroken VBA code.

Submission + - Vista poor network performance caused by MP3s (

An anonymous reader writes: Over the past months since Vista's release, there has been no doubt about the reduced level of network performance offered compared to Windows XP. However, some users over at the 2CPU forums have apparently discovered an unexplained connection with audio resulting in an approximate 10% cap of total network throughput. Whenever any audio is being sent to a sound card, network performance is drastically reduced instantly. As soon as the audio is stopped, the throughput begins to climb to its expected speed. It's a tough one for users — what do you pick? Sound or speed? So much for multi-tasking.
Input Devices

Submission + - Using your mind as a game controller

Parallax Blue writes: CNET News is running a story on a brain/computer interface system made by Emotiv Systems. It can be used to pick up on thoughts, facial expressions, and emotions within the brain, wirelessly relaying them to a game console or PC. Uses in other industries are planned, including medicine, security, market research, and interactive television.
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Journal SPAM: Copper Beggar 2

Electric cables have been stolen throughout Japan recently.

In 1404 Japan started trade with Ming Dynasty in China. Shogun then wanted millions of Chinese copper money that prevailed throughout Asia those days. Instead he sent tens of gold in amazingly inequivalent exchange rate. Abundant gold was used to the surface of the Golden Pavillion. At that time Japan was able to come up relatively lots of gold.


Submission + - Travel Back in Time Not Possible

anthemaniac writes: Time travel has long been one of those "theoretically possible" things that makes Sci-Fi thrive. But while going forward in time is still perhaps possible, going back has been all but ruled out, according to an article (and accompanying videos) at LiveScience. Chiming in are four scientists who think about this a lot: Brian Greene, Charles Liu, Michio Kaku and J. Richard Gott. Liu flatly states: "It is not possible for you and me to travel backward in time."

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