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Comment Re:Schitzophrenic Labor Dept. (Score 1) 190

Make up your mind. Which is it? They are paying more to white males or discriminating against white males by preferring Asian workers?

Oracle has not been complying with requests for information, so the Labor Department is suing them so they can get this information during discovery. They are probably suing them for multiple offenses so they can get a more broad set of information during this process. At least that is my guess based on the information in the article.

Comment Re:Racist or not (Score 1) 91

We have to get back into the mode where we can make verifiable statements without the other side calling "racist" all the time.

"Racist" has merely taken on a new meaning.

In judo, you concede by tapping out. In a schoolyard fight, you concede by saying "uncle". In an internet fight, you concede by saying "racist".

Comment Re:love the subtle anti-brexit push (Score 1) 100

The dollar is doing well. it would be much more honest to compare the pound to the euro in that not so subtle piece of advocacy.

The Pound is doing OK as well. 1 USD = 0.816 GBP. Pretty much matching the old pricing. This is just a price increase by Apple. It now matches the way games tend to be priced on Steam: the same number of dollars, pounds, and euros for the game.

Comment Re:"Race Relations" (Score 0) 144

You do realize that people 100 years from now will be characterizing you in the same way? Social values evolve. There's something perfectly normal that you believe strongly that will eventually be the epitome of evil. You're not in some way morally superior, you just have view that match the views of the person doing the judging (yourself).

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 763

Biological sex is not social gender,

What progressive nonsense. Born with a dick? Man. You won't ever be gestating babies. You can choose to be a particularly effeminate man, a more typical man, or a hyper-masculine man. You might prefer activities traditionally done by women, or those of men - hey, it's a modern world, do whatever. The tribe won't die out because we allowed the women to do dangerous things. But you remain a man.

Comment Re:Human brain is NOT a computer (Score 2) 145

"The brain is just a computer" is hand-wavy and objectively incorrect.

No it is not. In the context of the rest of the paragraph it is obvious he doesn't mean a digital computer with an x86 instruction set. He was referring to the brain as a machine which accepts inputs, processes the inputs based on it's current physical state, and produces various outputs to initiate action throughout the body. He mentioned Substance Dualism at the beginning of the paragraph the line you are quoting is found in order to clear up any confusion about what he meant by calling the brain a computer.

I will grant you he is using a definition of computer not used in the common English lexicon, but since we are talking about potentially future human-level AI it's likely the definition of computer in common usage could change by then to include biological computers, not just silicon.

Comment Re:Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 352

I don't think there should be an issue of using "Bradley" in news reports in the proper context, just so people are aware of who we are talking about. When she was arrested, she was still known as Bradley Manning, and most people probably remember a "Bradley" Manning in the news, but maybe not a Chelsea. So, for example, a news report I think could read as follows without causing offense:

"Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, had her sentence commuted by President Obama today after...."

I guess I think it is about intent in using the old name. It is just an old name, and using it to simply clarify who we are talking about shouldn't be a problem anymore than a woman who recently got married being referred to as "Mrs. Alice Jones, nee Smith" should. But I can see how deliberately using the old name instead of the new one is indeed very offensive, as it shows a lack of respect for the choices a grown adult makes. But I am a straight white male, who doesn't really know anybody in the trans community. If I am off-base and any trans person or advocate is reading and wants to fill me in on how the community really feels about this, I am all ears.

In any case, I really don't understand or agree with this commutation. Snowden has a better case if you ask me, and I wouldn't likely support that one either. Manning leaked a tremendous amount of classified info for no apparent purpose. The exposure of the journalist's deaths was only a small part of what was leaked. Manning, in my opinion, is someone who simply should not have had a security clearance.

Comment Re:Human brain is NOT a computer (Score 3, Insightful) 145

I read through the paper, but couldn't find any description of what the brain does which couldn't be considered information processing. It may not be digital processing, and it may not resemble how computers process instructions and retrieve data, but even if the physical architecture is different the brain still seems to be processing information.

He uses an example of a dollar bill, and how a person cannot recall every detail of a dollar bill from memory if asked to draw one. And that is somehow proof that the brain does not store data about the dollar bill? The person was still able to draw some details about the dollar bill, such as a person in the center and the numbers in the corners, so that data was stored somewhere. The author also makes a silly distinction between "storing data" and "changing the brain", as if the way the brain is changed isn't how it stores the data.

But neither the song nor the poem has been ‘stored’ in it. The brain has simply changed in an orderly way that now allows us to sing the song or recite the poem under certain conditions.

Sounds a lot like the brain stored the song or poem somewhere in a way it could be retrieved later, under certain conditions. Just because the brain stores information in a less precise way as a computer doesn't mean it isn't storing anything. The rest of the article continues to make similarly odd claims without backing them up. The researcher takes some very valid arguments about how many researchers rely too heavily on computer / human brain metaphors, but then he makes a lot of wild statements himself without backing them up either.

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