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Comment Re:Test and launch are the same, it is GREAT! (Score 2) 125

> I'm curious to know if this first stage had landing gear attached

Yes, and they were hoping that that would contribute to ameliorating the roll problem they had on the first attempt to slow down the first stage on its way to landing (actually, watering). So, the bad sea conditions and (most likely) not recovering the first stage are unfortunate but it seems like they are making progress, and doing so without interfering with performing a successful mission for a paying customer.

Comment Re:send the mini-shuttle over there to wack it (Score 5, Informative) 450

Neither the "mini-shuttle" nor the retired shuttles are in a position to reach the orbit of the NK satellite. It is in a sun-synchronous orbit, which means its orbital inclination is near-polar. The current OTV-3 (mission name of the so-called mini-shuttle) is in an orbit of around 40 degrees, which makes it incapable of reaching the NK satellite's inclination, and no space shuttle ever flew in a polar orbit and nor had any plans/capability to do so after the Challenger accident.

If I had a nickel for every time I've seen someone propose that two satellites get together in orbit when such a thing is practically impossible, I'd be hundreds of dollars richer...


Submission + - SCADA Vulnerabilities in Correctional Facilities (

Orome1 writes: Many prisons and jails use SCADA systems with PLCs to open and close doors. Using original and publicly available exploits along with evaluating vulnerabilities in electronic and physical security designs, researchers discovered significant vulnerabilities in PLCs used in correctional facilities by being able to remotely flip the switches to "open" or "locked closed" on cell doors and gates.

Submission + - Members of congress caught pirating via bittorrent (

Dega704 writes: TorrentFreak used Hurricane Electric's handy list of assigned IP blocks to track down which IP addresses belong to the offices of members of Congress. And lo and behold, when those addresses were compared to results on YouHaveDownloaded, a torrent tracking site, they yielded over 800 hits.

Now to put this in context. YouHaveDownloaded tracks only a tiny portion of torrent traffic, so it appears that Congress — even as they look to punish lesser mortals for file sharing — are themselves gleefully committing a "smash and grab" as Vice President Joe Biden (D) once put it.


Submission + - Microsoft Issuing Emergency Security Update Thurs. (

wiredmikey writes: In a rare move, Microsoft is breaking its normal procedures and will issue an emergency out-of-band security update on Thursday to address a hash collision attack vulnerability that came into the spotlight yesterday, and affects various Web platforms industry-wide.

The vulnerability is NOT specific to Microsoft technologies and has been discovered to impact PHP 5, Java, .NET, and Google’s v8, while PHP 4, Ruby, and Python are somewhat vulnerable.

Microsoft plans to release the bulletin on December 29, 2011, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, and said it would addresses security vulnerabilities in all supported releases of Microsoft Windows.

“The impact of this vulnerability is similar to other Denial of Service attacks that have been released in the past, such as the Slowloris DoS or the HTTP POST DoS,” said security expert Chirs Eng. “Unlike traditional DoS attacks, they could be conducted with very small amounts of bandwidth. This hash table multi-collision bug shares that property. What’s particularly unique about this bug is that it affects a broader range of platforms and technologies in a virtually identical way.”


Submission + - Wikipedia to dump GoDaddy over SOPA. (

jampola writes: "So it's not only imgur (amongst many others) who are giving GoDaddy the flick, it also appears Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder of Wikimedia will also be making the change — [url][\url] — Whilst unsure to what effect Wikimedia utilizes the services of GoDaddy, I imagine this could very well be another public blow for GoDaddy in the wrong direction over their descision to support the SOPA."

Submission + - Google+ Removing Pictures Giving The Finger ( 1

SharkLaser writes: It turns out that Google has started to remove Google+ pictures that have persons giving the middle finger in it. "Our policy page states, 'Your Profile Picture cannot include mature or offensive content.' Your profile photo was taken down as a violation of this policy". Google+ is supposed to be universal social network, "identity service" and allow sharing like in real life and be a public venue for free expressions. Since the middle finger is so culturally-specific issue, will Google+ also start to remove things like showing the palms of your hands to people (considered insult in Greece), showing soles of your shoes (insult in Middle East), patting someones head (insult in Buddhist countries)? A good number of Google+ users have started to change their profile picture to include the middle finger to show support to MG Siegler, who got his profile picture removed by Google.

Submission + - BT Corn: insects rapidly becoming resistant (

DrHeasley writes: BT corn, which contains the DNA for Bacillus thuringensis toxin, was once hailed as the final solution for insect predators on this valuable crop. Now it turns out that insects, and evolution, are smarter than we thought, and the corn that contains the built in pesticide is no longer reliably protected.

Comment Re:September? (Score 5, Informative) 18

Believe it or not, this long route (via the Earth-Sun L-1 (Lagrange-1) point is a lower energy trajectory (that is, it takes less energy to send the probes) than the more direct route followed by the Apollo missions. This allows for a smaller launcher (or conversely, a larger payload for the same sized launcher). See

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