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Comment Re:The PornHub Link (Score 1) 134

I find it funny that Hello Games are saying "Please don't spoil it for yourself" when the video spoils nothing that hasn't already been seen before. I suspect they're more concerned that that most people will find it quite a boring game. It just makes them sound like all the AAA games companies pushing embargo'd games trying to maximize pre-orders and sales in the first few days before word of mouth spreads about how shit their game.

Its obviously not a game for everyone. Fans of instant adrenaline filled action probably wont like it. If you're a fan of Elite, sandbox and survival games then you'll probably enjoy it.

Comment Maybe (Score 2) 299

I'd bet self-driving car makers will be willing to spend tens/hundreds of millions trying to prove the liability isn't theirs.
I foresee a lot of lobbying from Google etc to change the law regarding compensation or at least making it the car owner's liability.
Victim sues the car owner then car owner is forced into arbitration because of the car software's EULA.

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