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Submission + - Nokia CEO: I Am Not A Trojan Horse ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, a former Microsoft executive, is defending the company's decision to switch to Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform and cut thousands of jobs. He told analysts and industry players that apart from the benefits of the alliance that have already been explained, Microsoft is paying Nokia billions of dollars as part of the deal.

Submission + - Boeing CEO Says Outsourcing Didn't Pay ( 2

frank_adrian314159 writes: The Seattle Times reports that Boeing's CEO is saying that the cost overruns on the 787 "Dreamliner" were greatly exacerbated by the company's heavy use of outsourcing. Although it is now fairly well accepted that outsourcing provides little cost savings and what cost savings there are often get spent in increased management costs and rework, the outsourcing drive goes on. It's nice to see a major industry figure saying that all is not so rosy as the MBAs would have us think.

Submission + - Video Game Critic Shutting Down (

Jay Maynard writes: The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that video game critic National Institute on Family and the Media is closing its doors on December 31. The institution, best known for criticizing video game violence, blames the economy for its demise, and hopes others will pick up its work.

Submission + - Microsoft HD-DVD support a ploy? (

MacColossus writes: According to this forum post by Transformers director Michael Bay, Microsoft is supporting HD-DVD BECAUSE it's the inferior format. They hope it will slow adoption of both HD disc formats while they perfect their HD digital download service. "All ur films belong to us!" This of course raises all kinds of anti-competition abuse questions if true.

Submission + - First ship to sink in Antarctic

thepacketmaster writes: The Toronto Star reports that for the first time, a ship has sunk in the Antarctic. The Explorer, a ship run by G.A.P. Adventures, has crossed the waters around Antarctic for 40 years. Last night, sailing through thick ice, its hull gave and started taking on water. All 154 passengers and crew were rescued over a few hours, by nearby ships. "We knew there were ships not too far off. There was a lot of joke-telling. It's the most bizarre thing that people tell Titanic jokes."
Data Storage

Submission + - BD+ copy protection on Blu-ray hacked (

NoBluray writes: Slysoft has released a beta version of AnyDVD HD, their software that allows you to make backup of HD-DVD and Blu-ray (the High Definition (HD) formats) discs. The company already won a few battles in their war against the protection of these formats. Now it seems to have won the last one and defeated the Blu-ray BD+ protection.

The BD+ protection is a smallvirtual machine that is embedded in Blu-ray players and can help protecting the device. For example it checks if someone has e.g been trying to hack it. Then code on Blu-ray discs can be released in the BD+ format which can patch hacked devices.


Sony Calls Current Blu-ray/HD DVD Format War a 'Stalemate 547

unger814 writes "Sony CEO Howard Stringer says that Blu-ray and HD DVD are currently in a 'stalemate' and is 'playing down the importance of the battle.' Stringer addressed a crowd at Manhattan's 92nd Street Y cultural center Thursday, where he said that 'it was a matter of prestige' which format wins. Stringer pointed to the switch by Paramount from producing movies in both formats to only HD DVD as a turning point. 'We were trying to win on the merits, which we were doing for a while, until Paramount changed sides,' Stringer said."

Submission + - Perfect breasts ( 1

symes writes: In news that might greet some readers with a sour taste but others with quivering joy, reports in the English press suggest scientists have happened upon some truly unique research findings. In a display of how shallow and how badly informed UK readers are of real science, the Daily Mail writes how one man's obsession with staring at models' breasts in magazines and newsprint is really the true pinnacle of scientific endeavor. At last, the formula for the perfect breast can be laid bare — it is one where the nipples point skywards and are located slightly above the breast's centre of mass. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, the researcher was neither able to comment on texture nor firmness and could not offer any experimental manipulations to buttress against claims of methodological incompetency.

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