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Submission + - Which Linux Web Browser is fastest? (

cleerline2.0 writes: This article runs multiple benchmarks on ten different Linux Browsers (and a famous Windows based one) to find out which is fastest.

The fastest browsers are the webkit based ones like Opera, Chromium and the new Vivaldi. But which one uses least RAM, by a factor of four? Read on to find out.

Submission + - Linux Browser Comparison 2017 (

cleerline2.0 writes: I recently tested the ten main Linux Web Browsers and published the results. From the blog "The browser that performed best overall was Vivaldi, just edging out Opera and Chrome. Firefox came halfway between the heavyweight browsers and the smaller browser projects. Note that the most memory efficient browser was Dooble, which used around a quarter of the RAM (235MB) as the chromium (899MB). For interest I also bench marked Internet Explorer 11 on the same system running windows server 2008."

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