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Comment Repaired 132 hammer printers campus job in college (Score 1) 174

I got lucky and got a student job in the computer repair group in college (NERDC?) It was during the last few years of punch cards / hammer printers and the beginning of PC labs.

One of our jobs was to repair the 132 pin printers. There were 132 individual hammers that could be individually replaced / tuned. We'd get a report that some of the columns were light or had some other problems. We'd go in and first try tuning the hammer impact strength by slightly bending the hammers. I can't remember it well any more but I think new hammers had to be tuned also. Sometimes you got luck and sometimes you were there for a while. A couple of the techs developed a real feel for the tweaks that returned the printouts to best appearance.

Less fun was the job of fixing card reader machines. They had blowers and rollers that separated the cards before sucking them into the machine to be read. Students would often put their card stacks in the readers without taking the rubber bands off. The rubber bands would then get pulled into the machine and wound around rollers. Of course it was always "some other person" that had done that when we got the repair call.

I loved that job and the team. It was like being part of a backstage crew.

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 2) 239

When there are multiple applications for a job, we only interview H1Bs if there is no local US person applying who seem qualified.

I've never worked at a place where that was true. Generally a company creates an opening. Then they filter folks for some short period of time to meet the requirements. Then we spend the next 6 months interviewing only H1-Bs.

Comment Re:This is what APIs / abstraction is for (Score 1) 234

Interfaces are foreign to a lot of developers in certain environments. Java moved strongly to this partially based on Spring and Dependency Injection. A lot of C# folks still don't like dependency injection or understand the need/use for interfaces. I don't use Ruby, Perl, Python or Node.js so I have no idea where there thinking is on interfaces.

Comment Replacing one questionable actor with multiple? (Score 5, Insightful) 183

I really can't see how this is going to make ICANN more responsive or more trustworthy. We'll just end up with a bunch of questionable actors pushing their own (more restrictive) agendas. Look at how Iceland and Japan have been trying to stack the International Whaling bodies or what happens when you put Saudi Arabia and China on Human Rights boards. Some NGOs are sock puppets for their governments or corporations. European governments aren't any more trustowrthy. They drank from the same data tap trough as the US government.

You may not like having a US agency be a key player but at least you only have one player to monitor/harass/attack. Now you will end up with a whole bunch of players from non-accountable organizations.

Comment Large companies need to upgrade. (Score 1) 155

This is actually good news. We finally have a security vulnerability card to play for reducing the number of browser versions we have to support in business apps. My team has been trying drop "older" browser support in our partner (B2B) applications. 25% are still on IE7/8/9. This really restricts our ability to deliver certain types of functionality. Maybe now our and our partner security teams will gain enough leverage to force an upgrade...

Comment When police standardize then others will follow (Score 1) 935

Change the law so that all LE officials use them. They represent the largest semi-trained pool of gunhandlers and are most at risk from firearm takeaways. They also have enough buying power to fund development and create a reasonable cost structure. The government has been pushing / legislating smart guns for years but always exempting law enforcement.

Comment Windows 10 Great on 5 but upgrade kills 1 (Score 2) 374

We have 6 machines. 4 of them upgraded no problem. One had a legacy bios / efi upgrade problem. Windows 10 is nice, an improvement over Windows 7. Everyone here really likes it.

The 6th machine on the other hand is a single partition machine that has gone from XP to 8.1 without a hitch. Windows 10 repartitions the disk and leaves it unusable (RAW) every time the upgrade runs. Auto upgrade there would wipe out the machine :-(

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