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Comment Re:Nothing really new (Score 1) 187

The big deal is that they are going to be able to do it better than everyone else. Currently mobile payments suck. By teaming up with the major card companies and using the newest available technology they will be able to make mobile payments mainstream.

No more cards, cheques or cash required on boats, buses, taxis, shops, quik-marts, gas-stations, restaurants, hardware stores etc..

Comment Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (Score 1) 373

I can not stress enough how important it is to write readable code.

Keep it simple and be consistent.

Others will read your code and when they do they will most certainly scratch their heads in either amazement or frustration.

If you wrote readable code you will make their heads spin less, or your own head spin less when you revisit your own code.

And if you have been consistent it will be easier to review and update what already exists because it is going to be the same everywhere.

Comment Ask for feedback (Score 4, Informative) 218

What I always do is to ask for feedback after they decided not to hire me, or if I don't hear from them within a week.

What was it that decided against me, what could I have done differently.

Ask kindly and explain to them you want this information so that you can improve your own interview process. This worked very well for me, especially when it wasn't obvious why I didn't get the job. One time I did this I was even offered a job just because they had forgotten about me.

Also. Always look for jobs. It is never illoyal to go on interviews, just don't lie or take a sick day, plan for it. I am always on the watch for the dream job and everybody should too. Going on job interviews has many benefits, particularly you get to find out what you're worth, and if you get a good offer you can use it as leverage next when discussing your current salary :)


Submission + - Has NASA found ET? (

Muad'Dave writes: "NASA is expected to make an announcement Thursday (Dec. 2) about a new scientific finding that 'will impact the search for extraterrestrial life,' the space agency said in a statement." Has NASA found ET, or just an exoplanet that looks promising? Maybe they found a fossil on Mars...

Comment Good job Opera (Score 2, Interesting) 142

I'm a long time Opera user since when they used to sell licences. I was always a happy Opera user because the browser suited my browsing style much more than any of the competitors.

Then came Chrome, after trying it for a little while I was blown away by the browser and its capabilities.

It was fast and robust and I really liked it, but it didn't get me to convert from Opera.

It wasn't until the "cool" guys at work started using it I decided to give it a proper try, so that's what I've been doing the last year. Evaluating Chrome. I have really been enjoying the experience, though noticed that it is not quite as robust and stable as I thought it would be + there is the compatibility issues because everyone build web sites for Internet Explorer explicitly.

With this release of Opera I'm probably going to go back using Opera again and leaving Chrome as my default browser. Even though I've enjoyed the time I've had with Chrome I've always felt that something was missing, small simple thing I took for granted when using Opera.

I tried Opera 11 beta for a day already and it feels like just right, better in all ways. It suits my browsing needs better. I feel safer as well.

But even though I'm reverting to Opera I'm still going to continue advocating Chrome for family and friends because I believe that it will give them a better browsing experience due to the fact it has superior user interface, browsing experience still similar.

I think Opera has lots to learn and could most definitively do something to their user interface.

Keep up the good work Opera I'm coming back, and as with Chrome I will fall back to IE for the sites that require that.

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