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Comment Re:You missed the point. It's about relativity. (Score 1) 167

"What is really happening is that people are resisting change."

No, whats happening is that UI's are all being dumbed down for fucking phones. And more so, all new interfaces are designed first and formost for the web and fucking phones. (look at the new v centre for instance, where it was perfectly acceptable to have a thick client and that really didn't bother anyone. But no, vmware wants more people using their shitty unfinished web interfaces, so they obsolete the client thats better, and you got no choice but to comply)

If "the future" is every software being firstly designed for smartphones, which track you, market to you, cost and cost more, and allow features to be changed, or outright switched off at developers wills and whims - your damn right I will resist that!

Flat design, with its lack of proper definitions between elements, elements that change and display differently based on context, are even more infuriating as my eyes and brain get worse with age.

Win2k will always be the best OS microsoft ever did. Embracing new for the sake of it being new is only for fanbois and early adopters, both classes of people whom I abhor and always have. Most people just want a tool that works, and stays working. Designer trends are the opposite of what software UI design should be focusing on. It should be universal accessibility and tried and true menus and interfaces. Instead we get "the pretty" and designers fucking up everything with the embrace of the latest fads.

Comment Re:Almost sounds like my kids (Score 1) 301

Whenever i watch some OTA, i consider the commercials to be mini movies of sorts and love watching them for their anthropological value - getting the pulse of society.

However that quickly wears off as the same commercials are always played in the next commercial break, and the next. And then i am just grateful i almost never have to put up with that crap anymore.

Comment no more secrets (Score 1) 147

". I think that the correct solution is to legally enforce transparency in ALL layers of society, maybe even to change technology so that secrets become impossible for EVERYONE"

Cosmo: I might even be able to crash the whole damn system. Destroy all records of ownership. Think of it, Marty: no more rich people, no more poor people, everybody's the same. Isn't that what we said we always wanted?

Martin Bishop: Cos, you haven't gone crazy on me, have you?

Or a more recent example,

Comment Re:Surprise! (Score 1) 457

I assume that the government is run just as sloppily as most corporations I have worked for. I doubt people are taking much personal risk. I doubt they audit every file copy that happens, and even if they did, it could have come off a going bad raid drive thats mirrored and not encrypted at all and sent for destruction.

There are always people who are above the rules and audits. There are always people who see whats going on around them, and don't like it. It only takes one person who cant sleep at night because of it, to cause a leak. If the corporation or government that you work for is behaving illegally or immorally, its even easier to justify your own illegal behaviour.

Its fairly easy to commit crimes undetected if you don't go around bragging about them and cover your bases. Or so I have heard...

Comment Re:Interesting story (Score 5, Insightful) 553

"Very few people can and will bullshit confidently in such a circumstance."

Except, you know, an expert at getting through borders undetected, or anyone who has experience with social engineering...

So congrats, you weeded out the amateur criminals, and have a false sense of security about the professional ones.

Comment Re:Fat Change (Score 2) 364

"* Climbs up tower and replaces part: win.

You have me on that last one. Replacing parts still requires a human. For now"

I could easily see that being replaced by a modular design of easy to fail parts and a drone. Drone flies up, puts part multitool into slot, unslots it and transfer the one from its drone bay in place. Optical sensors verify the repair and no air leaks.

Manually switching parts is difficult only because the parts havent been designed to be switched by a robot. Once that happens, game over. You've probably seen videos of robotic tape libraries already.

All thats needed is to design and build the system. We have the technology.
Making it cheaper than paying some forest ranger 50k a year to do it on the otherhand might take a while.

Comment Re:Well yeah (Score 3, Informative) 364

"In case you can't pick up on it, I definitely do not favor government dependence. People seem to be depressed as hell when they are dependent."

I used to feel that way till i went on government provided 9 month paternity leave which is the norm in canada. I worried about not working for about the first month, but by the end of it I was really used to walking in the parks with my son in the stroller and generally experiencing the wonder of life with him.

Of course i think it does depend on why you are dependant. In my view, i earned that paternity leave (been paying into EI for 20 years and never went on unemployment...) and spending time with my son is the most important way i could be spending my time.

A guaranteed basic income I think I could easily view as my right, same as i should have a right to healthcare, safety, fire protection and the other things the government provides.

Comment moroe brake pads (Score 1) 129

" Often, it's to create or preserve brand recognition so that when you do make a purchase, you're likely to choose their brand over one you've never heard before"

Just happened to me. I had to choose between two brake pads, centric which i had never heard of, and monroe which is literally everywhere with their yellow ads. I ususally choose based on price for most things, but in this case, both pads were within 2 dollars of eachother, so i went with the more well known brand.

Comment Re:Question of bulk (Score 1) 274

Pipe dream. 20 years happens in the blink of an eye. We will have the exact same problems and then some in 20 years. "Waiting" for "technology" to solve our problems is not a real solution. You might as well just sit back and wait for the singularity to occur, or jesus to come back...

If you said 100 years that might be more believable. There are plenty of resources still in the ground to go after first, rather than having the will to make some kind of garbage mining fantasy profitable...

Comment Re:Do NOT delete your account! It's a security ris (Score 1) 101

"Yahoo re-issues email addresses after they've been deleted."

Yes and the city *gasp* re-uses home addresses when people move! And -- get a load of this - the phone company re-uses telephone numbers when you cancel your account! It's almost like people should be responsible for updating their own contact information!
Nah thats crazy talk...

I would think that slashdot re-uses UIDs for a 4 digit to have made such a pathetically fear mongering post such as this. Obviously mailservers re-use email addresses if a user is deleted. That's what deleting should mean!

Comment Re: Send it an email? (Score 2) 101

What kind of BS is this? ISPs do reassign email accounts. What you say may be true for yahoo, but most ISP provided email, once its deleted, its deleted and someone else can re register it. Its really up to you to change your contacts and let them know about the switch. Email was never designed to be a secure medium and has no identity matching at all.

Perhaps web mail companies are different, but they surely do not represent all mail servers out there.

Comment Re:FM = clear channel (Score 4, Informative) 209

Not really. Find your local college radio station. They usually have diverse and interesting programming. I find most of my new music now adays from eclectic DJs on small university transmitters. And there are never any commercials on CBC radio. So you have options for sure.

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