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Comment Re:Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 4, Insightful) 404

""Unlimited" should always be understood to include "but don't be a dick"."

So being "a dick" now is using a paid for service as advertised? ISPs should have no trouble delivering their advertised speeds 24x7 and if you paid for "unlimited" you should be able to max out that connection 100% of the time. Companies cant just redefine words and then shame or guilt people into their "marketing speak" basterdization of basic english words.

There are truth in advertising laws for a reason. This is straight up false advertising / fraud on the part of that ISP.

How hard is it for them to say "100gb a month plan" instead of unlimited? All ISPs give actual rates in canada that I am aware of. eg Take a look, you can clearly see all the caps you get at every tier.
But maybe our consumer protection laws are stronger than yours, I don't know.

As they always say on the bus ads: Creativity is subjective, but the truth isn't.

Comment Re:Not an NES (Score 1) 195

"You can buy a NES for $20 pretty much everywhere"

Im not sure if thats true anymore. It was certainly true when they were sitting in water, rusting at peoples garage sales in the 90s and you couldnt give them away. However time, even a short amount like 20 years, does funny things.

On craigslist, a bare bones NES console seems to go for $60+ with no games.

i was at a retro gaming convention recently and the average price was about $100 for a NES console (controllers extra). A BNIB boxed one i saw selling for $900, but that was probably just for show.

NES games were going for at least $10-20 each. With some titles over a hundred dollars. There is a whole retro gaming scene that loves consoles! and at the retro gaming con that i went to there were at least a hundred tables of people selling old NES games. The con was packed, and many people had nes games and consoles under their arms as they left. I personally saw people paying $100 myself no problem plus $20 bucks for a nes controller or two.

Some people there were old 30-40 somethings like myself who owned a NES back in the 80s, but many more were 10-25 years old, and they were the ones who had no problem plunking down $100 bucks for a NES.

It was all a bit surreal..
I do wonder what this announcement will do to the retro gaming market. One of the big problems is finding CRT monitors for the light guns and era specific eccentricities (RF adaptors etc). I guess they didnt get duck hunt running on this thing...

Comment Re:Thanks for the concise summary (Score 1) 187

Even if he landed completely dry, you're talking a high risk of hypothermia dressed that way in November navigating miles of wilderness.

Around the seattle area, november might be +5 degrees, even could be as high as +10. It very rarely would drop below -5. And if it was a dry night, he would have no problem surviving i would think.

Comment Re: Meh... (Score 1) 365

You only really *need* to use a parking brake when you are on a hill (or your car is stupidly designed and keeps trying to kill you). There is absolutely nothing wrong with not using the parking brake.

Yes, on many cars with drum brakes, the parking brake will adjust the drums, so it is good to use it occasionally, but I have driven off with the parking brake on more times than it has saved my car from rolling off, so i don't use it. I learned to drive not using it, my dad never used it, so I don't. I come from a very flat city, with barely any hills, so growing up there was no reason.

If you are parking on a hill, to prevent the transmission from clunking when you put it into drive, you should have the parking brake on. But to say people "dont know how to handle a car properly" if they dont use their parking brake every time they park is hyperbole.

Comment Re:Or make it critical for social networking (Score 1) 306

I leave my cel phone at home unless I am doing a craigslist deal or actually have a reason to take it with me when i leave the house.

If I'm out doing something non phone related, then why would i need to carry a phone? This whole "i need to see my phone every 5 minutes" is still a rather new thing in the last 5 years or so and I havent really been tricked into that yet. To me, a phone means work and I think it will evolve to a point where only the poor carry their phones around with them all the time. Rich people will be phone free and have others answer all their calls for them. Because at the end of the day, phones to me have always equaled increased stress.

Maybe its all those on-call positions I used to take... who knows, but i really don't care for phones that much. If its serving me then fine, but the way people treat them now adays, they are simply slaves to the phone, or addicts, and I want to be neither of those things.

Comment Re:Well (Score 0, Flamebait) 304

Citation needed.

Also please provide a stat for the entire world, not just america. You people have brutalized your black citizens so much its really no wonder they want to kill you. The system is rigged against them.

I doubt your statistic holds true in canada or the UK or other civilized countries with proper social safety nets.

America was built by racists and slave labour. One black president doesn't change 400 years of history.

Comment oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 664

How nice for you that your wife is the most basic of users. She would probably be fine with a tablet by the sounds of it.

My wife needs microsoft office applications for compatibility with her students and colleagues. Can i point and click install that? Is it as easy to crack on linux as windows (autoKMS).

My wife uses quickbooks to do some accounting for some companies. Has linux started supporting quickbooks now?

And please don't say "just run wine". Number 1, it costs money and 2 is an emulator, so is bound to have issues. I don't have time to hunt down obscure issues, post to forums and beg developers for fixes. That is what i do in my regular 9-5 job so sure as shit i dont want to be wasting my time at home doing that.

Im so sick of people saying "just move to linux dummy!" because its not that fucking simple for normal people to do that!!!
I love linux, i run linux servers, but linux on the desktop does not work for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Windows 7 works fine. The proper solution here is to block updates with GWX control panel and for microsoft to stop fucking around with current windows 7 users who are happy to wait till 2021 to upgrade. Your "move to linux" post is doing nothing but legitimizing microsofts behaviour for linux's gain. Basically kicking people when they are down to try and increase your own operating systems market share.

Comment Re:Even on domain computers now (Score 1) 328

This is a false claim. I manage a few networks and as long as you have a WSUS server (which any company with more than 10 machines should have, otherwise you are wasting bandwidth at the very least) you will not get any forced upgrade. Well not yet.

The other thing I did to make double sure is i put the GWX control panel in our windows 7 image. So any new computer is inoculated. The only time i see that kind of thing is if its a non domain joined computer, which is to be expected sadly.

Comment Re:M$ Sales at it's finest... (Score 1) 328

"Well, going from 8 to 10 is indeed an upgrade"

Your being funny but is it? Windows 10 has many problems. They want to update the whole OS every 6 months and shit always ends up breaking, reset your file permissions and auto install crappy applications from their store. Its harder to run with UAC off, and there is tonnes of useless web integration at all levels. File permissions probably pisses me off the most, and the loss of the file settings and transfer wizard, with no replacement, which you could still kind of use in win8.

I haven't really found anything that windows 10 does better than windows 8 except direct access vpns. And only "direct access" vpns, because they broke the normal VPN interface in windows 10.

I find that when i have to fix a windows 8 laptop, i am actually nostalgic for the OS. After installing classic start of course.

Disclaimer is that neither is better than windows 7 which is what i use at home. But I also made a conscious effort not to upgrade my wifes laptop from 8 to 10 because of all the problems we have at work with it.

Comment ELi5 (Score 1) 54

This speaker creates excellent echos? no. This speaker is some kind of voice recognition technology like google voice and siri? maybe.

It would be nice if someone could explain wtf this thing is and why i should care that its now available in website form. Article and summary are identically hollow.

People cant see what its capable of. Fine, but unless you have an amazon account you cant summarize it either? we have to "see" it, it is so great that it cannot possibly be put into words?

Comment backups (Score 1) 229

always a challenge.

1) local backup to disks with "retrospect" (which is old now but still works the best out of any product i have tried).

2) "free file sync", weekly manual backup of important files to a removable hard drive that I can grab if there is a fire or other emergency that I am home for. Hard drive is powered off when not doing backups (prevents against ransomware). Easy to pick up and run with.

3) "Crashplan" for online backups DR. I picked crashplan because its (theoretically) super secure, multiple passwords and the encryption is done locally on your machine. And its cheap, like 10 dollars a month I think. It also seems to have unlimited storage as i back up 500gb easily (music collection, and other files). I live in a earthquake zone, so its a must to have cloud backup for me. The more I thought about it, a theft or fire would most likely destroy all my data. And safety deposit boxes are too expensive. The NSA can view my pictures I guess, in a worst case scenario, but i trust crashplan's encryption claims. The way I have it configured their employees cannot even recover the data if i forget the two passwords. Again by their claims. But it was much better than most of the other cloud providers I looked at, where even employees could view your data.

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