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Comment Re:Fat Change (Score 2) 344

"* Climbs up tower and replaces part: win.

You have me on that last one. Replacing parts still requires a human. For now"

I could easily see that being replaced by a modular design of easy to fail parts and a drone. Drone flies up, puts part multitool into slot, unslots it and transfer the one from its drone bay in place. Optical sensors verify the repair and no air leaks.

Manually switching parts is difficult only because the parts havent been designed to be switched by a robot. Once that happens, game over. You've probably seen videos of robotic tape libraries already.

All thats needed is to design and build the system. We have the technology.
Making it cheaper than paying some forest ranger 50k a year to do it on the otherhand might take a while.

Comment Re:Well yeah (Score 2) 344

"In case you can't pick up on it, I definitely do not favor government dependence. People seem to be depressed as hell when they are dependent."

I used to feel that way till i went on government provided 9 month paternity leave which is the norm in canada. I worried about not working for about the first month, but by the end of it I was really used to walking in the parks with my son in the stroller and generally experiencing the wonder of life with him.

Of course i think it does depend on why you are dependant. In my view, i earned that paternity leave (been paying into EI for 20 years and never went on unemployment...) and spending time with my son is the most important way i could be spending my time.

A guaranteed basic income I think I could easily view as my right, same as i should have a right to healthcare, safety, fire protection and the other things the government provides.

Comment moroe brake pads (Score 1) 129

" Often, it's to create or preserve brand recognition so that when you do make a purchase, you're likely to choose their brand over one you've never heard before"

Just happened to me. I had to choose between two brake pads, centric which i had never heard of, and monroe which is literally everywhere with their yellow ads. I ususally choose based on price for most things, but in this case, both pads were within 2 dollars of eachother, so i went with the more well known brand.

Comment Re:Question of bulk (Score 1) 274

Pipe dream. 20 years happens in the blink of an eye. We will have the exact same problems and then some in 20 years. "Waiting" for "technology" to solve our problems is not a real solution. You might as well just sit back and wait for the singularity to occur, or jesus to come back...

If you said 100 years that might be more believable. There are plenty of resources still in the ground to go after first, rather than having the will to make some kind of garbage mining fantasy profitable...

Comment Re:Do NOT delete your account! It's a security ris (Score 1) 101

"Yahoo re-issues email addresses after they've been deleted."

Yes and the city *gasp* re-uses home addresses when people move! And -- get a load of this - the phone company re-uses telephone numbers when you cancel your account! It's almost like people should be responsible for updating their own contact information!
Nah thats crazy talk...

I would think that slashdot re-uses UIDs for a 4 digit to have made such a pathetically fear mongering post such as this. Obviously mailservers re-use email addresses if a user is deleted. That's what deleting should mean!

Comment Re: Send it an email? (Score 2) 101

What kind of BS is this? ISPs do reassign email accounts. What you say may be true for yahoo, but most ISP provided email, once its deleted, its deleted and someone else can re register it. Its really up to you to change your contacts and let them know about the switch. Email was never designed to be a secure medium and has no identity matching at all.

Perhaps web mail companies are different, but they surely do not represent all mail servers out there.

Comment Re:FM = clear channel (Score 4, Informative) 209

Not really. Find your local college radio station. They usually have diverse and interesting programming. I find most of my new music now adays from eclectic DJs on small university transmitters. And there are never any commercials on CBC radio. So you have options for sure.

Comment sad. wonder if they will keep reviews (Score 1) 168

The reviews and the message boards were the best part of imdb. That and the parental advisory section are the only reasons i really go there.

I wonder if they will keep the reviews part of it. If not, its a real shame. Many people put probably millions of collective hours into reviews and posts on there. To have it all simply deleted is a real waste of human effort, to future historians and to humanity at large.

One can only guess that this is due to financial constraints, which is sad. I loved being able to discuss small aspects of movies with equally passionate people on there. I had a period where i reviewed every movie that i watched, and can easily go back to see those still from 2003 and older.

Truly a sad day and a loss of original content from the birth of the internet age. One wonders if there shouldn't be laws stopping companies from doing this, similar to heritage housing laws that some cities have. This kind of info is priceless and will be more and more priceless as history moves on. Hopefully someone like the internet archive can archive it all before its too late.

Comment Re:Not doomsday (Score 1) 745

How many people have to die in your estimation before we can call it a doomsday scenario? 2/3rds of the worlds population? Technically "life can continue to prosper" with as little as two people surviving, but i think a mass population decline caused by climate change (and ensuing wars for remaining resources and arable land) qualifies as doomsday for most.

FYI some small amount of people will likely survive a nuclear holocaust too. Many studies state that.

" Comparing [climate change] to total destruction of half of the world while the [other] half would have to live in nuclear fallout for thousands of year is just a joke."

I think you will be surprised at how much humans have been conditioned for a particular climate. Climate change will most assuredly effect us for many thousands of years too, if the problem is let to run out its course without intervention. Both situations fundamentally change the configuration of the planet. Are they binary equal? no. Are they similar enough to both be considered a "doomsday scenario" for currently existing humans in currently existing places? You bet! Especially considering that the definition of doomsday is "a time of catastrophic destruction and death" which can easily encompass any global mass dying event, such as the ones climate change predicts by the end of the century.

Comment Re:I really hope... (Score 1) 659

I would have probably avoided discussion of an employees personal medical problems with your clients. When ever something comes up at my workplace the exact nature of the illness is private, the fact that they are "on leave" is not. You don't go around telling everyone that someone has cancer, as that is their own decision to make. You simply say that they are not available on such and such a day. The reason is not important and frankly inappropriate to discuss.

So yeah i think you were rightly chastised for discussing the specific reason that the person was on medical leave. And if you cant get why people (especially a WOMEN in HR) would object to PMS being labeled as a "medical problem" then i feel sorry for you and the women in your life. Hint, no women wants to have their PMS acknowledged negatively. They may want more intimacy at that time, more attention, but they certainly don't want you pointing out anything bad about that time of the month.

As an aside, i would recommend that she gets an IUD or depo. Depo completely stops the period and an IUD will make periods less emotional than being on the birth control pill. The pill in my experience, is the number one cause of horrible PMS. My 2 cents there if you do want to help your friend with her issue.

Sometimes its not that the world is getting more sensitive and trying to punish you. Sometimes its that your being a dick for talking about peoples problems in more detail, and in a more public fashion, than is really necessary. Even if said person is not offended, or claims to you that she is not. That's why HR departments exist! So its no surprise they pounced on this, and really not indicative of the decay of society or whatever other narrative you are trying to push here. Medical issues are usually taboo for polite conversation in the workplace. It's as simple as that.

Comment Re:Cooking (Score 2) 210

sending all your conversations to amazon in the cloud is easier than using your stove timer which is washable?

what an age to be alive!

I could get behind smart voice recognition (i loved via voice back in the day), however the fact that it records everything youre saying all the time, and sends that data out to the internet, is extremely creepy! I don't know how people get around that mentally.

Best not to think about it i guess.

Comment its awesome (Score 1) 210

Using it as primary search for years, do tens of searches a day and have rarely any problem. I still use !i for google image search which i find useful, but other than that I am 100% DDG user for years.

Only problem i ever had is that it constantly prompts you to install the search bar for ddg. But i blame this on not accepting permanent cookies or noscript usage or some combination of the two. Google is even worse at trying to get you using chrome and the toolbars and all that, its beyond intrusive with them...

If they get better image search, i would never have to use google.

Comment wow awesome! (Score 2) 98

I actually read through the whole article and its great detective work. I get the feeling people were bragging to krebby because of how famous he is and they, being anonymous hackers, can never shut up and stop bragging. I love how the reddit account mentioned has recent postings (last one 3 days ago), hasn't been scrubbed, and links together many aspects of the guys life (his love for anime, the dorm he lives in at ruttegers, discussion of botnets and networking).

A life lived online is not very anonymous it seems! especially when you re-use handles and are young and really really like to brag.

Hopefully he made enough to buy a plane ticket away from the USA before the shoe drops on him. I'd be at the airport right now if i was him. Love how Jha says at the end "I don't think there are enough facts to definitively point the finger at me," Jha said. âoeBesides this article, I was pretty much a nobody. "

Well so were all the serial killers and other sociopaths of history... obviously! Someone did the detective work and now they are notorious, like you.

My advice? Run! The FBI surely has enough resources to get IP address for skype users, and reddit gives up their users at the drop of a hat. The FBI can easily take possession of his computer equipment with this kind of evidence. I doubt he was that careful and everything is tight and anonymous at the layer 3 level.

Expecting to see him arrested within days! FBI doesn't like to be made a fool of!

Comment Re:Inflammatory Headline (Score 2) 503

"So Windows 10 makes better use of RAM, avoids wearing out SSDs, can handle HDMI displays properly, and has some scheduling and memory management improvements that more-optimally leverage modern processors and high-speed disks."

I'll give you that multi monitor features are vastly improved (win10 on presentation laptops is a must), however win7 is still speedier, more responsive and less crash prone than windows 10 on the same hardware. I dont care how much more efficiently my memory is managed when i have to restart every other day, and have unblockable cumulative updates auto install and auto break certain things every 6 months.

That my ssd wears down in 50 years instead of 30... well its nice, but its not worth the costs that are associated with windows 10. For me those are the broken system of updates, the initial abuse of windows update to trick win7 users into upgrading, the increased frequency of clearly not quality controlled updates and the major stability problems and bugs that every new update introduces.

Then there are the simple daily annoyances. Things like how i cant reconnect a vpn connection without rebooting the computer, or how using REPLACE instead of UPDATE with GPO network drive mappings has a habit of breaking them in certain situations in win10. These are known issues since release, that still havent been fixed.

MS needs to freeze new features, and fix a current release as completely as possible, before throwing more half baked features into the next release. The rapid release cycle is why working with windows 10 is a never ending treadmill of headaches.

At the very least, they desperately need an LTS branch focused on stability of core features above all.

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